How I'll Utilize My Planner to Crush My Goals in 2018!

We're in the final stretch of 2017.  Have you accepted any invites to any end of year vision board parties yet?  One of my friends mentioned hosting one this year and, unlike times past, I noticed a little internal hesitancy.  Don't get me wrong, vision board parties are great, but I feel that most of them aren't as powerful as they could be.

It's exciting to daydream about all the lavish experiences you want to enjoy someday. But how do you transform them into reality?  Vision boards are perfect for inspiration. But once we have a vision in place, we need to utilize tools to make our vision come alive.  The most practical tool available is a planner.

I've used a planner on, and off, for over a decade.  But in 2018, I want to tweak my methodology a bit.  Instead of using it as a time management tool, I want it to be the secret weapon that helps me achieve results like never before.
What I'd like to do is to apply some of the lessons from previous Monday Motivation articles to my daily planning and execution.  So here's a compilation of some of the most relevant lessons and how I'll apply it to my planning process.

-I recently wrote a post on the power of Planning On an Hour by Hour Basis.  This method is great if you want to really drive a productive day. It's the perfect strategy for people who are juggling lots of tasks or if you want to create massive results in a short amount of time. An alternative is to use a simple timer to time my activity. This helps me to ge hyper-focused. When I work single-mindedly on a task, for a limited amount of time, I get so much more done.

-The other way I'll leverage my planner is to use it as a means of keeping My Goals & Visions In Front of Me At All Times.  Too often, I'll use it as a way of just writing down stuff that needs to get done. But what about all of the outcomes I want to create?  If you look at my planner from an objective standpoint, you wouldn't know what my overall goals are.  I reflect back to the post where the girl manifested a huge contract as the result of wearing some affirmation bracelets.  Those trinkets basically served as a reminder for her to stay focused on her goals. I think a planner can serve as a great reminder that we are working on something bigger.

My plan is to create a miniaturized vision board that'll fit in neatly in my planner.  But, to make it more powerful, I want it to reflect my quarterly goals.  That will force me to have to update my visions on the regular, which will keep me more connected. This is very different from creating a vision board at the start of the year then never looking at it again.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

But instead of generic message/quotes, I want to write something like "You Have Created XXXX Result."

- I'll utilize the planner is to accelerate my results by tracking and measuring my most important and high impact activities.  I've already purchased some goal tracker inserts that will help me stay consistent.  Then, I can go back and look at the results to see if I'm working on the right activities.

-My planner is a place where I can capture all of the wins made in the upcoming year.  Sometimes I tend to focus mainly only what needs to be done.  This year, I'm combining my manifestation journal & planner into one place.  Purely to document my progress.

- One of my past coaches encouraged all of his students to create 90-day goals but set up a list of bi-weekly actions that will lead to that goal. As I review my month at a glance, I'll mentally break it up into two halves. From there, I set bi-weekly milestones that will ultimately take me to the 90-day outcome.  In the past, I worked from my planner on a day-by-day basis. Going forward, I want it to become a tool that I utilize to bring about all of my intentions.

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