[A LOOK] The Crop + Skirt Pairing is Everything.

My plan for the next several months is to amass a small collection of statement midi length skirts.  These skirts will, hopefully, take the place of the denim that I typically default to.  I'm a huge fan of skirts but I haven't been intentional in refining my skirt collection. I wasn't really inspired to do so until now.

The "problem" with fuller-length skirts is figuring out how to wear them in a way that's young, fresh and stylish.  Sometimes longer skirts tend to look overly frumpy or outdated.  But, if done right, they can become the critical statement piece in a classic, feminine look.
Currently, I'm loving the pairing of a midi length skirt with a tailored crop.  The combination of the two pieces creates a wonderful balance of modesty with a hint of sexiness.
Not all crop tops are created equal.   Some are designed only to show off a only tiny bit of skin.  If you're not a fan of showing off your navel, feel free to opt for high waisted skirts.

Play around with different variations of this look depending on the event. For instance, I love how she added a cropped jacket as an additional layer elevate the look.
Honestly, you can't go wrong with this a skirt paired with a fitted top.  It's simple to put together and ultra versatile.  Play around with the perfect skirt length and top that best fits your individual style.


  1. i love this look and have been buying some new skirts to partake in the trend. I'm also hitting the gym to get the right flat tummy for this look!


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