Alter Your Thinking, Alter the Course of Your Life.

I've been on a journey for personal development for many years.  Over time, I've learned quite a bit about how to motivate myself, set goals, and attract what I want.  But there's still one area that I wish to develop even more.  

What I'm referring to is having the ability to alter my way of thinking in order to create new realities.  Let me explain further what I'm referring to....In the book, The Three Laws of Performance, the author explains that we are essentially creating a "default future" for ourselves.  Meaning, our future circumstances is being created based on our current thoughts/actions.  If nothing else changes, we can pretty much predict what our life will look like months or years from now.  

In order to alter the course of our future, we must take an active part in rewriting the direction of our lives.  So how do we do that? According to the First Law of Performance, our current actions are directly related to how we perceive a situation.  Our repeated actions and response to situations is the direct result of how we relate to the situations in our lives.  Humans are wired to make judgments on what they perceive.  Those comments, perceptions, and judgments have a direct and very real impact on our actions.

So, if we truly wanted to alter our behavior (and our future reality), we must first start with how we perceive the future reality we want to create.  

For example, let's say I wanted to get shed 10lbs to reach my goal weight.  The new weight represents a new reality. But, what if I felt restricted when I gave up my indulgences? Or what if I felt a huge sense of dreaded obligation every time I went to the gym?  Feelings of restriction and obligation are negatively rooted.  According to the first law of performance, my actions will be fuel by the feeling of obligation and restriction that are currently running in the background (my subconscious).  I may not realize it, but the way the situation occurs to me will be the determining factor in whether I succeed in my desire for a leaner body.  But, let's say that my eating habits and extra weight are making me tired and is impacting my health.  This may alter the way I view the situation.  Suddenly, eating healthy isn't an obligation, it becomes a means to feeling more energetic and alive.  If I view working out as a means of creating the fit version of myself, my performance (actions) will align with that view. 

My point is that we should always be aware of how we view a situation because our view is what determines and drives our actions.  Those areas in life where you seem to struggle endlessly, pay attention to your perceptions created around the situation.  I can see where this is true in my life.  I carry around limiting beliefs in every area where I keep producing the same undesirable results over and over again. 

The key to changing a situation is changing your repeated pattern of thought regarding that circumstance.  This takes a bit of focus and effort but it's completely possible.  One method that's worked well for me in the past is to find others who have a pattern of thinking that I wish to emulate.  The more I immerse myself in the new way of thinking, the more my own thought pattern starts to shift.  

A new month will soon be upon us.  Maybe now's a good time to create an intention to shift your perception around a specific area over the next 30 days.  This may be the jumpstart you need to alter the course & direction of your life. 


  1. I love your blog. Please can you write a post on how to cure stretchmarks?

  2. I quite like the quote so I just pin it! :) xoxo


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