3 Lessons I Learned from Hannah Bronfman's Night Time Skin Routine


I need to put some serious attention to my evening skin routine.  Now that I no longer deal with sporadic breakouts, I just don't feel the need to work as hard.  But this way of thinking is highly flawed.  Currently, my skin is doing ok.  But if I maintain a disciplined skin routine, I could take it from good to great!

Luckily for me, I stumbled on a video that provided some serious inspiration.  Beauty & lifestyle influencer, Hannah Bronfman gave Harper's Bazaar a glimpse of her current evening routine and I picked up a few tricks.  Let's discuss.

I'm always so intrigued by people who have complex, multi-step night time routines. Deep down, I'm aware that nourishing and treating the skin at night can pay off in a big way.  So much happens to our skin while we sleep. The power of all those nourishing products is enhanced as the skin undergoes a renewal process overnight.

I know for a fact that Hannah is serious about her health & beauty routine.  And, luckily for us, she's always sharing her latest finds.  Today, we'll learn a few tidbits from how she cares for her skin before bed.

In the first few seconds of the video, Hannah informs us of her hectic travel schedule.  She then lets us in on her first nightly ritual, a cup of "nighttime tea."  Since she doesn't share what she's drinking, we're left to speculate.  Perhaps she's enjoying a cup of sleep enhancing tea to ensure she gets plenty of beauty rest.  Last winter, I started drinking a cup of tea before bed and it was so beneficial.  The cup of warm liquid served as a trigger reminder that it was time to wind down for bed.  It also provided a source of antioxidants for my body to utilize during the rebuilding and repairing phase that occurred overnight.  Sometimes I would combine bamboo tea for its silica content with ginger tea to promote healthy digestion.  Once warmer weather came around, I let this habit fall by the wayside, but thanks to Hannah's reminder, I'm, definitely bringing it back into rotation.

The first part of Hannah' cleansing routine that grabbed my attention was when she grabs cotton pads to dry her face.  Not too long ago, I warned everyone to stop drying your face with towels.  I offered up several suggestions as alternatives.  Never once did I think about drying one's face with cotton pads.  I may give this a try thanks to Hanna's suggestion.

Hannah then reaches for a product that she affectionately refers to as her beloved.  Lotion P50 is a cult luxury product that is loved by skin enthusiasts worldwide. Basically, Lotion P50 is an acid-based exfoliating toner. Lactic acid is the hero ingredient that promotes gentle skin exfoliation.  But it also contains some nifty plant extracts that make it soothing and nourishing to the skin.  Apparently, this stuff has the power to transform your complexion.  According to Hannah, it's really helping to diminish her hyperpigmentation.  But did you also notice the way in which she applied the magical toner? She strokes her face with toner in an upward motion as one would when applying an anti-aging cream.  As a matter of fact, she applies every single product in a very deliberate manner.  Lotion P50 is a French product that's really hard for us to get our hands on in the states.

 I love the way she applies her eye cream.  Hannah circles her entire eye with the product so she doesn't miss a square inch.  I'm guilty of only focusing on my undereye leaving the eyelid to fend for itself.  We mustn't forget that our eyelids will get droopy and thin over time. We've got to show it some love too!

Overall, her routine is simple yet effective.  Hannah has bouncy skin that always appears plump and hydrated.  Although her skin isn't perfect, she's got some great habits that keep it looking healthy at all times. I picked up a few tips that I can apply ASAP.  I'm also looking forward to studying the nightly routines of other healthy skin enthusiasts to see what else we can learn.

For more inspiration from Hannah, check out her "What's in My Fridge" video.


  1. You're so right about drinking teas before sleeping at night. I feel so much better in the morning.

  2. I get my Lotionp50 from http://shoprescuespa.com/. I'm not sure how wide they deliver though. I always thought you were in America.


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