Embody What You Desire to Attract at a Higher Level.

Every so often, I like to go for a long walk in nature while doing some reflection on my life.  From time to time, I receive a burst of inspiration on what I can do to impact my future.  Since I've recently entered a new decade, I wanted create a theme for the next 10 or so years.  Ultimately, I decided that my current focus for the years to come would be to manifest like crazy.

I've known about the law of attraction for quite some time and I've had plenty of opportunities to practice it.  Now is the time to really expand my ability and level of manifestation.  So far this year, I've come to realize how much impact my level of vibration has on my ability to attract.  I still set a daily intention of trying to feel good as much as possible and it has served me well.

This weekend I decided to take things to the next level by embodying what I wish to attract.

Here's what I mean by that.....

For the most part, I've been working on feeling good from the inside.  The inner work is where I think everyone should focus on if they wish to alter their current situation.  Basically, I do whatever it takes to generate a feeling of elation & happiness.  Sometimes all I have to do is listen to my favorite playlist.  Other times, I rattle off a list of everything that is going right while expressing deep gratitude.  Another technique I use is to reflect on past desires that I've been able to manifest or future goals that I hope to reach.  Whatever I need to do to alter my mood, I do it.

So far, that method has been working well for me....and I'll continue to implement it.  But now I want to explore the idea of embodying what I wish to attract.

  1. 1.
    be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

    "a team that embodies competitive spirit and skill"

    synonyms:personifyrealizemanifestsymbolizerepresentexpressconcretizeincarnateepitomize, stand for, typifyexemplify
If I look at my physical self, there's a gap between what I desire to be and where I currently am.  If I were to narrow or close that gap, it would have an IMMENSE effect on raising my level of vibration.

If I were to physically embody what I desire, I would feel absolutely amazing.  The better we feel, the more we attract.  I'd like to play around with the concept of embodiment as another of my wacky experiments.  To start things off, I asked myself, "what are some physical traits that I desire?"  I used my Pinterest activity for inspiration and identified the following traits.

  • A fit, toned, strong body
  • Gorgeous, healthy hair
  • Simple classic style
  • Glowing, flawless skin
  • A woman with confidence who enjoys amazing life experiences.
There's more but I'll keep the list short for now.  Although I dabble in every one of those qualities listed, I wouldn't say that I embody any of them.  Currently, a gap exists that I wish to narrow. The motivation for me to narrow the gap is knowing that doing so will raise my vibration by leaps and bounds.  Combining the embodiment method with my current feel-good routine should really have a positive impact on my ability to attract desired outcomes.  

Near the start of every week, I like to draw a rough plan of the week ahead.  One thing that I'm doing this week (and each week forward) is inserting activities that bring me a step closer towards embodying the qualities that I'm attracted to.  For example, if I visit the gym a few times this week, followed by a couple sauna sessions, I'll be more in alignment with what I want to be.  I hold a belief that if you're drawn to something, that your heart secretly desires it.  Once upon a time, I came across a girl who seemed to embody some of the qualities that I admire.  After seeing her a couple of times, I decided that admiring her qualities weren't enough, I wanted to take on some of those qualities myself.  Once I did, things started to fall into place and I manifested several intentions on my vision board.  

Sometimes, we only focus on manifesting physical things that are outside of our control but completely ignore the areas that we can directly affect.  

I was slightly surprised to see manifest as a synonym for embody.  I take this to mean that if we take on the personal qualities that we desire, we are engaging in the act of manifestation.  This will instantly raise our vibration allowing us to manifest even more.  It's a theory that I've put to the test before that produced wonderful results.  I'm ready to try this again and see what other outcomes are possible.  

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