The Viral Product that Defeats Frizz by Repelling Water.

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I recently discussed a few tips and tricks that can improve the results of your silkpress.  I thought I covered everything necessary to create a flawless silk press but little did I know there was a product on the market that is so powerful that it can literarily cause your hair to repel water droplets. 

We all know that the enemy of straight hair is frizz.  And what is the main cause of frizz? Water...more specifically moisture and humidity work tirelessly to ruin our beautiful results. The humidity here in Florida has me fighting for my life.  Thankfully, I've been introduced to a product that will save the day.

The brand is called ColorWow and they created a miraculous product called "Dream Coat -The Supernatural Spray."  Yes, the name is a little bit grandiose.  But, after seeing its water-repelling powers in action, I completely agree that this product might just hold incredible powers.  

There are a lot of anti-frizz products on the market. But have you ever seen one that was as effective as this?

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Yes, that man was literally adding drops of water onto her blow-dried hair and the water just rolled off her strands.  I've never seen anything like it.  All you do is coat your strands with Dream Coat prior to blow-drying and watch the magic happen.  

I want to try this product more than anything but one thing to be aware of is that, while most people are in awe of how well Dream Coat works, there are a few reviewers who claim that it caused damage to their hair.  

Let's talk about it...

If I had to make an assumption, I'd guess that using a product with the ability to repel all moisture can have both pros and cons.  

Pro: No frizz.

Con: Your hair has less access to moisture.

It's important to remember that hair loves to soak up moisture from the environment if this product works as well at blocking out moisture as it claims, this means that our hair will have access to less external moisture.  Over time, this could lead to dry, brittle hair that's prone to breakage.  

When I finally try dream coat for myself, I'mma be sure to prep my hair accordingly with a pre-poo treatment, deep conditioning with heat, or maybe sitting under the steamer.  Basically, I want my hair to have adequate moisture levels, prior to using, so it doesn't freak out if it can't get access to water via osmosis.  

Keep in mind that although it's astonishing to see water droplets glide off the hair strands with ease, this doesn't mirror the exact results of a high humidity environment where microdroplets of water might still have the opportunity to penetrate the hair follicle. Although the directions say not to use other products with Dream Coat, I would probably still use a silicone-containing styling product, for enhanced results, especially if you live in an ultra-humid environment.

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