This is the Best Flat Iron in the World, According to Twitter.

Healthy Hair


It took me a while but I finally accepted the fact that my hair fares better when it's straight.  That's because it makes for easier detangling.  Tangleswere a major factor whenever I struggled to retain length so I need to ensure tangles are kept under control.  Straightening my hair also gives me a clear glimpse to how my ends are doing. This is also a crucial component of maintaining healthy hair.   When I'm out and about, I often make observations of the people who I thought had full, healthy hair.  One thing they all had in common was the quality and thickness of their ends.  Typically, they all had trimmed ends as their common denominator.  When I wear my hair straight, I'm more apt to address my ends just for the sake of aesthetics.  

The only issue I seem to have is that I'm not really good at straightening my hair.  The end result is usually amateurish at best.  I've longed for the days when I could finally execute a decent result.  Not long ago, I talked about the tips and tricks for creating the ultimate silk press but I may have left out one of the most important pieces to the puzzle....

Having the right flat iron.

In fact, I didn't rationalize how important the choice of flat iron was until I ran across this thread on Twitter.

The flat iron I currently use was purchased several years back.  It works well enough but I don't think I'd go out of my way to recommend it if asked. But for some reason, people flooded this woman's comments praising the exact same flat iron over and over.  The love for Babyliss' Pro Titanium flat iron was undeniable.  Apparently, stylists love it and use it too!  When I dove into the Amazon reviews they were loaded with countless positive stories of how this flat iron was changing people's lives.  The Babyliss iron is a bit more costly than a standard flat iron but everyone agrees that it's worth the investment.  They talk about how it leaves the hair smooth and shiny while straightening with just one pass (therefore less heat damage).  

I have been searching high & low for a good straightener & finally, the GODS have answered my prayers. I have very thick 4C hair & my ends curl up like a jellyfish all the time. Now I need to invest in the mini Baby Bliss because this tool has truly saved me time. I literally only have to go over each section ONCE.

I have a pile of old flat irons laying around but I have yet to find THE ONE.  It appears that the flat iron I was searching for, my entire life, was subtly waiting for me in the comments of a Twitter thread.   Now that I've seen so many recommendations and rave reviews, I have no choice but to buy.  Hopefully, it'll be the last flat iron I'll ever own. 


  1. I agree, this is the best flat iron ever.

    1. I just bought mine today. Can't wait to use it!


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