Why my hair is relaxed

The past few years has witnessed an influx of African American women who have forsaken the harsh chemicals of hair relaxers for natural tresses. The popularity of natural hair is so prevalent that women who sport their natural hair are no longer viewed as eccentric rebels. Years ago, a person with natural coils usually wore ethnic clothing and Afro-centric jewelry. Today, the person with natural hair is your mother, sister, or friend. In fact, the wide variety of hair style choices available for women with natural hair make it an extremely attractive alternative to the chemical straightening process of relaxing.

With that said, why I do still chose to relax my hair? I guess there are several reasons. The main reason is out of habit. I have been relaxing my hair since I was pre-teen. Every 6-8 weeks, it was time for a touch up without fail. When I became a teenager, I started relaxing every 4 weeks because I could not socially function with a head full of new growth. The more I relaxed, the more damaged my hair. I have very tightly coiled type 4B hair. For those of you not familiar with hair typing, I have extremely thick "nappy" hair. This type of hair has worked for me and against me. I think that if my hair type was a looser curl, I would experienced much more damage with the amount of relaxing I was accustomed to doing.

I also choose to relax my hair because of the flexibility of chosing different hair styles. I do not like to keep my hair in one style for too long. I used to spend hard earned money on synthetic braids which were to last for up to 2 months, only to take them our prematurely because I wanted to do something else with my hair. I like having the freedom to have straight hair one day and a textured braid out style the next and back again. Unlike most people, I like to be in my hair all of the time. With most natural styles, I would not have the same opportunity to keep my hands in my hair trying out different hairstyles and new parts, and such.

So maybe one day I may transition to natural hair, but for now, I am happy with the relaxing process. So what I have decided to do is to create the best head of relaxed hair that I can create with routines and products and lots of knowledge.

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