What I did differently last night and how my hair turned out

Deep Conditioning

O.k so one of my favorite natural products of late has been coconut oil. I have been using it for just about everything.

*I use it on my skin as a substitute for lotion
*I use it on my scalp to help with my excessive flaking
*I take it internally for improved digestion and overall health
*I use it on my face to combat my seborrheic dermatitis
*I use it on my dry hair to increase shine.

So after hearing such great comments about using coconut oil as part of the deep conditioning process, I thought to myself "of course!"

One of the reasons why coconut oil works so well with your deep conditioner is because its amazing ability to penetrate the hair shaft. One article I read even stated that coconut oil also adds protein to the hair shaft. This oil can do no wrong folks!
So last night I put this wonder oil to the test. I washed my hair as I normally do and mixed some coconut oil with my Biolage fortifying conditioner. With my plastic cap and head scarf secured tightly, I ventured out into the 80 degree Florida weather to run some quick errands. Without the benefit of using my Babyliss dryer for even deeper conditioning, I rinsed out the products.

I've used the oil/conditioner mix in the past but this time my hair did not feel as heavy, oily, or weighed down as with other oils. In fact, after rinsing I even mixed a tiny bit of the oil with my Lacio Lacio just prior to roller setting. I set my hair as usual. The magic happened as I removed the rollers. My hair was like a dark strands of silk. The shine was on point, but most importantly, it felt like butter. I could not believe how soft it was. I must say that I am definitely pleased. This will most certainly become a part of my routine going forward. If you do not already have possession of coconut oil, you should definitely seek it out, locate it, and make it yours.


  1. I see I'm not the only person addicted to coconut oil!

    I also use coconut oil on both my skin and hair , but I also use coconut milk as a curl/texture releaser every week. The coconut in itself is simply a miracle product in itself for type-4 hair...speaking of coconut dc's this post just reminded me that my hair is in urgent need of some tlc!

  2. I didn't know it was that good! I'm going to have to find my some. Do you live the Dade and Broward area? If so do you know where to find it?

  3. You can most likely find coconut oil in any Carribean grocery store. Walmart even carries it. I've seen it in the vitamin aisle at my local Walmart. Natural food stores also have it. If you can not find it anywhere, you can order online.

  4. I love coconut oil!! I also use it for pre-poo and on my skin as a body butter....it is really fab!

  5. I love Coconut Oil too. My hair is extremely SOFT and strong. I also use Alma Oil as a pre-poo and that helps with preserving my ends. I don't believe in scissors or no heat and these two prodcuts help me perserve my cute ;-)

    Happy Hair Ladies

  6. I love coconut oil mixed with my DC... I never tried using it in my leave-in. I'm def trying it after my next co-wash!


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