Stronger Hair
While strolling down the streets of youtube USA, I stumbled upon this video of a very lucky gal with a gorgeous head of hair. She was generous to share some of her healthy hair habits with us. There are actually two videos because she takes her time to explain of all the details of how she maintains the health of her hair.

Andrea is another youtuber who shares with us her hair tips. She experienced an inch of growth in a month. Here she details what has helped her along the way (you'll get used to looking at the sideways angle once you watch the first couple of clips). She has a couple of other vids (part 3 and part 4) but she rambles a bit so I left them out.

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  1. Andrea makes me laugh. Im gonna see if I can find those flinstone vitamins..I used to take them when I was young..they taste great!


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