Can you attract the hair you want?

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Ever since watching the movie The Secret, I've tried vehemently to incorporate the Law of Attraction into every part of my life. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Law of Attraction (LOA), the basic premise is the we are constantly attracting into our lives what we are experiencing based on our predominant thoughts and our beliefs. Most people who chose to use the Law of Attraction often use the universal law to attract a better job, fulfilling relationships, or abundant wealth.

I, unlike most other people, I find myself using this wonderful law to attract perfect hair. That's right, I am using the LOA to create fabulous hair.

Here's how.

Talk about what you want
Once upon a time I used to have self-defeating thoughts about my hair. Whenever I examined my hair, I would say or think things like, " my hair is so dry," or "my hair is always breaking." I'd even go as far as to say that my hair would never reach mid-back because of how unhealthy it looked or felt. Those types of thoughts were counter intuitive to what I really wanted. The more I thought about everything negative about my hair, the less progress I would make, no matter how hard I tried. The LOA states that we bring more of what we think about into our lives and the more I thought about how damaged my hair was, the harder it became for me to make any impactful changes in the health of my hair.

Nowadays, when I assess the condition of my hair, I'm careful not to use such negative terms so I don'tstart feeling defeated. Instead of saying, "dang my hair feels so dry, I'll say something like, "what can I do to help improve the moisture levels of my hair?" See the difference in approach to the same issue? Whenever I find my hair looking and feeling unattractive, I think about exactly what I want. What I want is healthy, shiny, supple, moisturized, hair. Therefore I focus all of my energies to thinking about my hair as I want it to be.

Visualize what you want
Another important facet of the LOA is the act of seeing exactly what it is you want to attract. There was a time when I would view pictures of lucky gals who had to die for tresses (before the LOA), I would feel so miserable after seeing pictures of those who have achieved what I wanted. Now pictures of fabulous hair are my inspiration. In fact, I have a look book which includes pictures of perfect hair that I would like to experience. As I review my inspirational hair pictures, I get excited about what will be. It actually feels attainable instead of depressing. The more of these feelings about my desired outcome I am able to create, the closer I get to my ultimate goal. Next time you see an image of a head of hair that makes you want to drool, become motivated that these results are attainable for you.

Be grateful for what you have
One sure fire way to attract more of what you want into your life is to be grateful for what you do have. Get rid of your pathetic case of hair anorexia and start being grateful for what you do have. So maybe you are not yet at the length you desire but you probably have thickness that others would give up their tax return check for. Play off your hair's strengths by being grateful for the head of hair that you have today. Gratitude helps us to focus on what's right in our lives. As long as we focus on the great things going on with our hair, we'll experience more of what we are grateful for.

Speak on what will happen as if you already have it
No matter what my hair looks like, I always talk as if I have the most beautiful head of hair I know. I say things like "I'm enjoying my luscious head of hair. My hair is healthy, strong and beautiful." Saying those things is not enough, I also try to feel the feelings having the type of hair I imagine having. The more I talk in that fashion, the more believable it becomes to me.

So why even bother putting into practice the habits that I listed above? Because the feelings of excitement that I create from my positive self-talk and visualization cause me to take actions that are in line with someone who has the hair I want to have. I ask myself, "what types to things would I do to create the hair I desire" then I take the right actions to get there. While using the LOA to improve my hair, I've "manifested" some wonderful hair enhancers like the L'Oreal Hair Fixer and my shea oil. Both have come into my life fairly recently and both have made a huge impact in the overall health of my hair.

You've tried everything else, why not use a natural law of the universe to help bring about the beautiful hair you've always wanted?


  1. Pls post the airdry pic? Sorry for all the comments. Don't know where to contact you

    [Once I put my hair in a ponytail (whether its one ponytail or pigtails) I take the loose hair (the actual ponytail) and pull up towards the front of my hair. Then I pin the hair to my scalp with a bobby pin and tie a satin scarf to help keep the edges down. Hope that helps clarify. If not, let me know and I can take a pic next time I airdry.]

  2. Hi Anon,
    I took a couple of pics yesterday and will upload them this morning into the original airdrying post. They're not as good as I would like but they help a little. Once I post you can ask any follow up questions that you may have.

  3. Great post! Not only can I apply the LOA to my hair but every aspect of my life. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. LOA is something I am starting to incorporate in my life and I definately be including hair. I have already gathered hair inspirations. Great post!

  5. omg--i immediately become depressed when i look at someone else's hair success as if it's not attainable. which is dumb because i've had long hair before but i didnt know how to take care of it so it broke off. however, im motivated more than ever to get my long tresses back and healthy again.


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