Braidout Tutorial!

How Tos
I've posted my latest video tutorial on Youtube. This episode is all about the braid out. I share my technique to working to manage the new growth prior to the actual braiding process. Braidouts are a lifesaver at the end of your stretch. It's one of those styles that works with your new growth, not against it. I know there are a million braidout tutorials out there already but I thought I'd share anyways.



  1. Beautiful! My hair is about the same as yours and I have been trying for like ever to achieve your results! I do not know how to do cornrows and I think that is my problem! I am going to ask my daughter to cornrow my hair tonight if my individual braids (I have 8 braids in my head now) end up looking "crimping" again...

  2. If you don't know how to cornrow, try platting your hair. I'm going to try it this weekend.


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