Longer, thicker hair with the help of the Moon?

Hair Maintenance
by Jsome1

You all may have remembered my review of a wonderful product called Zen Detox. The creator of that product, Anthony Morrocco, has practiced holistic hair care for over 40 years. He's worked with celebrities and has dedicated his time to helping people like you and me to achieve beautiful hair.

One of his mantras, which has recently caught my attention, is his belief in using a lunar chart, that documents the phases of the moon, as a guide for hair growth. More specifically, hair cutting and growth.

This idea of cutting the hair according to the phases of the moon is not a new one. I found countless of articles online by numerous people claiming to have utilized this chart in their quest for fabulous hair. Here's a quote I found online on a popular hair board.

"my sis trims her hair with the new moon, it's supposed to help your hair grow faster. Another woman I know that used this method when she was younger said there was a substantial difference between when she did follow it and when she did not."

When I first heard of this method, I immediately dismissed it as hogwash. How in the world could anyone affect the growth of their hair by relying on the moon for advice on styling options? But then I thought about it, the moon has the power to impact the tide of the mighty ocean, could it be possible that it could help a sista out with her hair growth?

That's when I found this article by Marie Ann Lionel on buzzel.com.
Mary goes out of her way to detail the basic laws of physics and how much the moon truly affects our planet. She even states that doctors often will see an increase of patients suffering from an epileptic seizures or bleeding ulcers during the time of the full moon. It all has to do with the moon's gravitational pull. The theory is that when the moon's gravitational pulls are lower, the hair grows slower. A higher gravitational pull means a greater likelihood of faster growth.

Whether you believe in moon cycles and hair cutting or not, I will certainly say that it's interesting to say the least. I haven't tried so I won't knock it. This new way of hair cutting, has certainly peaked my interest and I'm willing to give it a shot!

So I located a copy of a lunar schedule to see when the next possible opportunity is. The schedule on Anthony Morrocco's site was the most complete one I've been able to locate. He spells it out in black and white what the optimal days for haircutting are this year. You best believe that I'll be calendaring these dates so I get a timely reminder.

For those of you who are afraid that I've officially fallen off the wagon truck and suffered a nasty bump on my head, let me salvage my reputation by saying this.....

We all need to trim (or dust) our hair periodically for optimal health. I, for one, can say with certainty that I've experienced the most growth (and retained the most length)after I've given myself a well deserved trim. If there's even the slightest chance that I can get even more benefit from trimming if I schedule it for certain times of the year....them I'm in!

Those of who who've been contemplating a trim, check out this calendar first, try this method and see happens. Hopefully, your results will be so fab, you'll howl with excitement.


  1. I don't know how much truth there is to any of this. I personally don't believe in it.

    I will say this much though: Superstition can be a powerful thing.

    I'm willing to bet that the people who are superstitious follow the lunar hair care charts to a T, which means that they are constantly giving their hair the attention and care that it needs. Hair that is given a regular routine of care usually thrives. Other people who may have a routine but usually forget to trim or forget to do their protein treatments probably wont have hair that thrives. Most women I know don't have any routine at all. They wash it when it feels dirty, flat iron it daily, don't know anything about moisture/protein balance, and their trims come in the form of haircuts because they neglected their hair and it's breaking off. So for the most part people that follow the lunar chart will probably be better off then the majority of people that do almost nothing (side note: there are very few of us that care for our hair even though the online population seems large).

  2. Ok, you've definitely peaked my interest. I'm going to take a look at the sites you've mentioned..thanks!!

    ♥ Sunshyne

  3. Okay, what do you guys think about the Chris Rock movie that is coming out soon, "Good Hair, Bad Hair." This movie really sheds a bad light on relaxers. Basically the movie is saying that relaxers over time burn the hair right out of our heads. Are there any relaxers out there that are okay for our hair?


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