The simple idea that revolutionized my pre-poo experience

Deep Conditioning
In the past, I would choose between oil or conditioner whenever I would pre-poo.  For those days when my hair was feeling overly dry, I'd reach for my favorite moisturizing conditioner.  On the other hand, if breakage was more of a concern or, if my hair felt like it needed a little more nourishment, oil would be my pre-poo product of choice.

Lately, there have been a few occasions where, due to schedule constraints, I've had to the extend time between washes.  When wash day arrived, my hair felt like it needed to receive the benefits of both oil and conditioner.  So I began a process that mirrored a daily moisturizing and sealing routine.  On dry hair, I would apply my moisturizing conditioner, then layer it with one of my favorite plant oils, sealing the moisture in.
This process worked so well for me that I've decided to make it permanent (for now).  Most recently, I had another one of those overdue wash days.  My hair was feeling like it needed an intensive "pick-me-up" so I decided to pre-poo with my WEN 613 layered with some yummy avocado oil.  Normally, when I deal with oils during pre-poo, I'm very generous in the application which causes me to get oil everywhere.  This time would be no different if it weren't for the bright idea inspired by my 613 bottle.

You see, the handy, dandy pump that comes on the WEN bottle make it easy for me to select the exact amount of product I need to use on each section of hair.  What if I could to the same with my avocado oil?   So I went scouring through my cabinets for a conditioner with a pump the size that would fit my oil bottle.  It only took 2 tries for me to reach success.  Moments later, I was neatly pumping oil  instead of picking up the bottle and pouring it into my hand, hoping that I hadn't misjudged how much oil I needed.  I could chose large or small pumps.  It was all so convenient.

Just wanted to share this neat tip in case someone out there might want to try it for themselves.  Each wash day, my intention is to make improvements to the process that create the best outcome for me & my hair.  If I couldn't find a pump to fit my oil bottle, I would have settled for one of these alternatives.

  • I'd use a pop-top cap. The kind the pops up on one side when I push down on it.
  • Finding an empty conditioner or lotion bottle with a pump and pouring my oil into it.  
Once the idea came, I had to make it work one way or another.  This saves me a time (since I don't have to pick up and put down my bottle of oil after each section) and hassle (it's a much neater alternative to the way I was doing it before).


  1. Omigosh! I do this too! I first learned the technique from watching Lisa Price introduce Carol's Daughter Olive Oil Infusion on a home shopping channel last summer. I thought to myself--I can layer any conditioner with oil and probably receive the same benefits--and not spend $35 doing it! And just like I thought, It was love at first trial. So, I started calling it an "extreme deep condition." No matter what oil I use--I always have awesome results!

  2. Love your blog!

    When I prepoo, I mix a cheapie conditioner (VO5) with olive oil in a plastic bowl. I then apply it, relaxer style, to sections of hair. Works like a charm!

  3. Hi Nadege! Quick question pls & Ty. Can I ad cod liver oil (not fermented) to my oil mix? I keep gso, jbco and evoo mixture for everything...dc's, hot oil treats, daily moisturizer etc. my hair love oils and reading your ever so detailed posts on clo I'm super excited not to only ingest it but maybe a cpl of capfuls to my staple oil mixture. What you think?

  4. Funny enough I'm reading your post after I just did the very exact thing. This week I decided to wash my hair and then put hemp seed oil and grapeseed oil on the hair, then my deep conditioner and then "sealing" with hemp seed oil and I plan to leave it in overnight. It definitely helps on those really dry-haired days.

  5. @Pentherapee-Adding CLO to your oil mix sounds pretty interesting. I tried to do a search online but didn't come up with much info. You can certainly test it out and see if it makes a difference & how your hair responds.

    Let me know.

    1. @ NADEGE-Yes ma'am my search didn't give me concrete experiences etc. as well. Anyway, Ty so much for hitting me back! I truly njoy your posts specifically bcz you are super detailed which usually answers alllllll my corky detailed questions...yes I'm one of them Lmbo!

  6. Nadege
    I just discovered bog and luv it. Some hair blogs can be boring. You can tell when the blogger has become bored with their hair journey. I like that you discuss all things beauty :)

  7. I like to put my oils in the color applicator bottles from Sally's. They make it easier to mix diff oils and to apply directly to scalp. That way it is less messy. Then a scalp masage and light finger detangle. I figure the oil will travel down the hair shaft while prepooing. Then I apply my dc to the length of my hair, put on plastic cap sit under dryer for 20 mins. If there is time I leave it in around the house or sometimes overnight

  8. @ Anon #1- Aww, thank you hun. I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog. You guys keep me so inspired.

  9. @ Anon#2: Your method sounds yummy. I usually don't put oil on my scalp but since my scalp is calming down, I may start trying it.

  10. Every week I put a mixture of Garnier conditioner, sesame OR mustard oil, fish oil, aloe vera gel, mayo, honey, apple cider vinegar and baking soda in my hair for 1 hr minimum. The results are great... my hair has never been so healthy, clean, soft and moisturized!! However right now I just scoop it into my hand from a bowl, which just leaves messy globs everywhere in my bathroom. This article is great, thanks Nadege!!

    @Pentherapee Smith, I put liquid fish oil in my hair! My scalp LOVES those omega nutrients! The mixture I use smells awful but the scent washes out pretty good.. well worth it for healthy hair :-)

  11. Thanks for sharing Jeanetta. I like the idea of adding ACV to my conditioner. I gotta try that. Since I moved to fermented cod liver, I've got a bottle of Nordic Naturals sitting in te fridge. I'm going to try using it topically. Thank you so much.

  12. Thanks for the chic and helpful post Jeanetta.I will apply it tomorrow on my hair,I guess.


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