The Komaza Hair Analysis: Part 1


I've got some rather exciting news to share.  Years ago I conducted some online research around the possibility of receiving a hair analysis.  I wanted someone to study my hair strands under a high powered microscope and tell me what was actually going on.  What were it's needs, it's weaknesses? What could I do to make my hair flourish?

Back then, I couldn't find such a service at low cost. I think I found one company that operated oversees. Today, however, is a new day.  I'm happy to report to you all that in a few weeks, I will have undergone a full hair analysis and will receive detailed information on what I could do to address any hair concerns identified. Best of all the company I'm utilizing is minority owned and can speak the language of my hair.

The company I am referring to is Komaza.  I paid around $85.00 for the analysis and a week later they sent me a survey of questions and requested that I send over a sample of clean, shed hair for their review. I like that I can also separate the hair samples based on sections if I'm dealing with damage in a certain area.  After the analysis is completed, they schedule a phone consultation with me and will make recommendations of products & changes to my hair regimen based on my hair's needs.  I believe they will also do a follow up hair analysis months later to see if progress can be seen under the scrutiny of the microscope.

Words can not convey how excited I am to have this experience.   To be honest with you, I know that my hair is struggling right now.  This year has been super-duper busy and my hair has fallen victim to my lack of time, care and attention. I can't tell you the last time I had a decent strand ceremony session. I'm already bracing myself for the results which I know won't be pretty (at all).  I also like the idea of having someone tell me exactly what's going on based on the tiniest details.  Being the bottom line person that I am, I appreciate the opportunity to become much more deliberate and focused on my hair regimen. Especially given the fact that I don't see my schedule easing up anytime soon.

This is the first part of my posts on this experience. Stay tuned for updates (and hopefully pics) as I get further along in this process.  Yesterday I took the first step which involved completing a brief questionnaire discussing my current regimen, how much water I drink, which supplements I take, etc. Next I will send them three different samples of clean, shed hair.  The reason for three samples is because I plan on sectioning my hair into three sections, my left side, right side, and the back.  I look forward to seeing what shows up after close analysis (no matter how bad it is).  And I'm already making my commitment to taking action according to their recommendation no matter what I'm told.

I can not wait to tell you more about the Komaza Hair Analysis experience.  Hopefully we can all learn something from it.


  1. I would love to have this but it's so expensive, even when it's converted to pounds to England where I live.

    Excited to hear your experience though!


  2. Wow this sounds interesting! I really can't wait to see the follow up? But aren't they dermatologist who do this?

  3. I have heard good things about their analysis. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the whole process.

  4. I actually have the luxury of having a trichologist in my area. Her name is Lisa Akbari, she is located in Memphis, TN. I recieved a hair & scalp analysis from her back in January. She has really helped my hair recovery from the stress that it went through awhile back. She is also African American & she is almost aways booked. Here recently, I wanted to get another analysis on my hair & scalp. However, she is booked for the next two months. Her products are ok; she does not use cones; not enough slip for have my cones :) But, her Hyrdration cream is amazing; I put it on my new growth. It helps me during my stretchs, making my hair manageable & moisturized. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts, review, & results on your analysis.

  5. hey! how were you able to secure the analysis with them? whenever i look at komaza's site, it says they're bookeD!

    1. I literally set a reminder on my phone for when the list would open up. As soon as the day came, the first thing I did was sign up.

  6. Live curly live free also does hair analysis. It will tell things like density, porosity, and elasticity and also recommend products. You send them hair samples by mail and they send you the results as a PDF file.


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