Monday Motivation \\ How to Inspire Yourself Every Day when You First Wake Up

Over the weekend, I checked out some house/apartment tour videos on Youtube.  One video, in particular, featured a loft style apartment with a modern aesthetic and killer views.  I loved the minimalist decor and monochromatic design.   Everything about his apartment was intentional and perfect.

There was one moment in the video that caused me to pause and reflect.  As he showed us his bedroom, the points the camera out towards the amazing city view.  He then informs us that when laying down on his bed, he has a clear view of the city skyline.  This, he says, was one of his biggest life goals (to wake up every morning to amazing views).  What he said next is what inspired me to write this post.

This exclusive city view, according to the blogger is, "what motivates me to get up in the morning and to do the most."
I let his words marinate in my brain for a few minutes.  This guy, like most of us, dreamed of waking up in a place that's inspiring and representative of achieving a certain level of success.  This "life goal" was such an obsession of his that he worked on his brand until it finally became a reality.

Now that he's arrived, he enjoys the fruit of his hard work.   Even though he's achieved his dream, he's still motivated to keep pushing to reach greater levels.  I'm certain that he wakes up most mornings filled with clear intention.  So I asked myself, "Is there anything I can do to create that level of inspiration when I first wake up every day?

Ideally, motivation should come from the inside out.  But I'm also aware of how our external environment can affect our internal state.  Although I'm certain of this fact, I haven't leveraged it much to my benefit.  One day I too hope to wake up every day in a room with majestic views.  Until then, I can still take steps to create an environment that inspires me into massive action each and every day.

Instead of focusing on my bedroom, I think my efforts would be better utilized by elevating my office.  Currently, I have inspiring images posted on the wall but I can do so much more.  And since the office is where I do all of my work, it makes sense to place all of my attention there.

I realize that I don't have any of the things I love in my current office space.  There are no live plants, no scented candles, no fresh cut flowers, no updated images of future goals.   Nothing that represents where I want to be. Visually, there's not much in my office to stimulate my creativity.  No wonder I sometimes start the day feeling unmotivated.

Back when I wanted to start a multi-six figure business, I was very intentional about my personal space.   I invested heavily in high-quality candles, bought fresh flowers on a weekly basis, and I'd strategically display my designer items in a certain way.  The primary focus was in creating a feeling of abundance since I would soon quit my job causing my income to change drastically.  It was part of my well planned out feel good routine.  Every time I walked into a room, I felt a surge of inspiration. It was a joy to work on building my dream.

Let's never forget the incredible power of our environment.  If you're feeling uninspired, a simple change in our space will immediately alter your mood and outlook and will motivate you to the absolute most.

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