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I'm on a constant quest for new, innovative ways to enhance my non-existent lashes.  For someone who has tiny lashes, like me, every bit of advice helps.

Today, hubby and I stopped by a popular taco restaurant for lunch.  While waiting for our chips and salsa to arrive, he leans over and tells me that my lashes are getting longer.  Truth is, my lashes are the same pathetic length they've always been.  The only difference is a new lash application technique that changed everything.
This technique is so simple, I'm wondering why I hadn't tried this before.  Best of all, it didn't require me to purchase any new lengthening mascaras.  In fact, I used the same exact mascara the day before but didn't receive any compliments.  That's when I knew that this method was a keeper.

What I'm about to share with you is somewhat reminiscent of Pat McGrath's spider lashes technique.  Her spider lashes method required us to "paint" our lashes with mascara in layers.  Once  our lashes are coated with one layer of mascara, we paint our lash with a second layer of product.  This second layer is what gives our lashes a more dramatic effect.

The only problem is that if we don't have enough product on the wand, we can't truly paint our lashes in a proper way.

This new method that I'm about to share takes care of that issue altogether.

Here it goes:

When we typically use mascara, we remove the wand from the tube in a way that removes excess product from both sides of the brush.  When the bristles contact the sides of the tube, a majority of the product is removed from the bristles.  We apply the mascara, but most of the product has been scraped off the wand.

Here's the difference with the new method.  Instead of removing the want the old fashioned way, we remove it by scrapping only one side of the wand.  So instead of removing the wand from the middle of the tube, we remove it by scrapping it against the left OR right side as if we're trying to remove all the product from one side of the wand.

If you do this correctly,  one side of the wand will not tube the tube. The side that doesn't scrape against the tube has 100% of product still on the wand.  This is the side that we use to coat our lashes.  Which makes the "painting method" much easier to execute.  This will make a huge impact to the look of your lashes.

It's such a simple shift but it creates a real difference.  I wear mascara pretty much anytime I go out to eat, but this is the first time I've ever received a compliment on my lashes.

Coincidence? I think not.

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