Never Dry Your Face With A Towel Again! Do This Instead.

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Several years ago, I was instructed by my facialist to stop using a towel to dry my face after cleansing.   She didn't go into detail as to why I should switch up this part of my routine but I took her advice.  Over time, I found myself going back my old ways out of convenience.

Now I'm ready to ditch the towel for good.  Because I'm convinced of the undeniable benefits.
The first, most obvious reason why you should seriously reconsider towel drying your face is because of the dangers lurking deep within the fibers of your towel.  Apparently, towels make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  What's the point of buying specialty cleansers only to wipe your skin with a bacteria-laden towel? This makes no sense.  Especially if you're dealing with skin conditions affected by bacteria (like acne).

The answer is to give up drying our faces with towels altogether.  But what should we do instead? 

Glad you asked. 

We've got options ladies.  Here are some of my recommendations for how to complete the cleansing process without grabbing a towel.

Leave the skin damp.  I watched a video where a skin expert proclaimed that applying beauty products on dry skin was futile.  Basically, the skin isn't primed to receive the goodness of your products in its dry state.  We've all experienced the difference after applying hydrating oils or lotions on wet/damp skin versus dry.   The same applies to the face.  As the water absorbs into the skin, it carries the skin enhancing product with it.  Sometimes, applying lotions on wet skin can be tricky so it's best to work it into damp skin versus wet.

My post cleansing strategy sometimes includes the use of facial tools designed to be used on wet skin.  For instance, my microcurrent rollers work beautifully with moisture because water helps conduct the electrical current deep into the layers of the skin.  This is exactly what we want to happen when using microcurrent tools.

I also find myself reaching for my Ultrasonic pore scrubber. That thing was designed for use on wet skin so it's perfect to use post-cleansing.  As a matter of fact, the scrubber does a magnificent job of drying the skin.  Using the scrubber only takes only a minute or so and is a pro at removing congestion just below the skin's surface.

The last option I offer you is a little more consuming but may be worth it.  In Korea, the women never use a towel to dry their face. Instead, they opt to dry their skin by conducting a mini facial massage.  I'll post a video demonstration below so you can try it for yourself.

I love the idea of executing a facial massage to help dry the skin because it promotes blood flow to the skin's surface. Blood flow brings nutrition to the cells and the appearance of health to the skin's surface.  Not to mention how massage keeps the skin firm and toned.  Plus, your face will still be damp which will allow for the absorption of serums.  Compare that with drying your skin with a scratchy, bacteria-riddled towel.

There's no comparison.


  1. I was taught by my facilalist years ago to dry only with a paper towel. They are disposable. I cut the select a size ones in half and that is what I use. Perfect for home and travel. And yes I leave some moisture on my skin to allow the products to penetrate better.

  2. I never thought of the bacteria in my towels affecting my acne! Going to keep this in mind the next time I wash my face! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing! Will definitely try your tips!

  4. Such a good post!! I am so glad Bloglovin sent me this! I am def keeping this in mind from here on out!

  5. Sis, what you said makes so much sense. But reaching for that towel after I shower is going to be a hard habit to break! Thank you fr the info.

  6. Good idea. I have never used a towel on my face because it seems to dry off pretty quickly without one. I think it's the rest of my body after baths and showers that I need to find a solution for.

  7. I only use a specific towel for my face, and I use it two days and then wash it. (Blot, never rub!) But I also use a hand fan! I use the fan regularly to let serums dry into my skin and be absorbed before applying my moisturizer. Feels pretty glamorous, too. ;)

  8. Just blot your face with a cotton ball been doing this for 2 years now


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