[Try This.] Making Your Daily Fragrance Last Longer.

Every so often I'll walk by someone who smells absolutely amazing.  I still think about that person moments after we've crossed paths, simply because I was enamored by their scent. I've always wondered if I ever left an impression on a complete stranger because of the captivating nature of my favorite fragrance.

I  categorize my perfumes into two groups.  Group #1 is comprised of the date night/evening scents. The rest are the fragrances that fall into my everyday rotation.    My day time fragrances were hand selected to play an important role in my feel-good routine

The only problem is that some of my favorite every-day scents have very little lasting power.  Yes, I know that budget-friendly fragrances don't last as long. but I still want to extend them for as long as possible.

Thankfully, I've learned of a simple & effective hack that several people proclaim is a solid strategy for a longer lasting fragrance.
A tweet came across my dashboard where someone publicly complained about how quickly their perfume seems to fade.  A bunch of people agreed.  Then, someone stepped into the replies to save the day.

Her word of advice was to practice a layering method to improve longevity.  I've heard the suggestion to spray multiple layers of perfume to enhance the scent.  But we run the risk over-saturating ourselves and smelling offensive.  Not to mention that using more product (via layering) can become a costly solution.

Instead of spraying on more perfume, she advised us to layer our fragrance on top of a strong foundational product.  And that product is a drug store staple by the name of Vaseline.

Yep. Good 'ole Vaseline.

Although no explanation was given, I can understand why Vaseline would be a great base.  I mentioned this before but Vaseline's main purpose (in my opinion) is to serve as a barrier.  This probably explains why women who use petroleum jelly as their main skin product seem to avoid the effects of aging.  Vaseline creates an intense barrier to help seal in moisture. Perhaps it also helps protect skin against the harmful effects of dry air.

When we rub a little vaseline on our wrists and pressure points, we're establishing a barrier that helps our fragrance to remain on the skin's surface.  You can take this process one step further by applying unscented lotion to the area before rubbing on the vaseline.  This keeps the skin hydrated and less permeable so whatever you apply next isn't as likely to immediately sink into the skin.  Moisturized skin is a little known key to helping your perfume to endure.

One fragrance connoisseur on Youtube swears by this method.  In his words, he's used the Vaseline layering technique to help 6-hour fragrances last up to 10 hours.  What I love about this tip is that it's practically no cost.  We all have some Vaseline laying around somewhere. 

Let's give this a try.

With summer approaching, it's time to perfect a routine that helps our fragrance endure through these hotter, longer days.

Oh, if you're wary about using Vaseline, try a natural version (like Unpetroleum) instead. 

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