Will Smith Put Me On to My Newest Beauty Secret.

Beauty Secrets
As you guys know, I'm a sucker for a beauty secret reveal.  Typically, the tips are coming from Instagram models and pseudo-celebrities. This time I was inspired by A-lister, Will Smith.  When you think of Will Smith, you don't expect him to share his beauty secrets.  You can imagine my surprise when I opened Instagram and saw his recent post from the set of another installment of Bad Boys.

The caption was simple, he explained how keeping his eyes and hands "soft and glowy."  The accompanying image showed Will sitting pretty as he wore undereye sheet masks.  What really caught my attention was gloved hand.  My first thought was "is he wearing a sheet mask for hands?!" 

Indeed he was.  Until that very moment, I had no idea that sheet masks for hands even existed.  As soon as that realization came, I was inspired with an idea of how to do this treatment at home for less.
The instant I learned that sheet masks for hands were a thing. I jumped over to Amazon to look at options.  I wondered if they also made sheet masks for feet. The answer was yes.   Overall, the options are pretty limited.... only a few brands to choose from.

Before making a purchase, I remembered that I have an entire drawer full of sheet masks. Then I asked myself "it possible to create a DIY version at home?"  I've already tried using sheet masks as a moisture treatment for feet.  Is there a way to perfect the process at home?

Turns out there is...

After a few minutes of research, I discovered the solution that will allow us to experience complete hydration on our hands and feet for pennies on the dollar.

Here's what we're gonna do....

We're going to get these hand and feet covers.  After applying our facial sheet mask, we can wrap our hands or feet in our gently used, but still highly saturated mask.  The gloves help secure the mask in place while allowing the moisture to fully penetrate without drying out. The "feet gloves" also allow us to remain completely mobile.  We can give our feet a hydrating treatment while doing housework on a lazy weekend.   These gloves will only enhance our pre-night out routine.  In a few minutes, you'll have the softest hands and feet ever....perfect for date night. 

Best of all, this pack comes with an almost infinite number of hand/feet gloves so one order will last me until I use my entire drawer of sheet masks.  If you don't have sheet masks on hand, you can experiment with using liquidy moisturizers like Hada Labo, then seal with your favorite oil based product for maximum softness.

It's a simple hack but you can easily treat your feet to an intense hydrating treatment while binge-watching your favorite shows. Our feet are exposed pretty much all summer.  There is a world of difference between how the feet look when lotioned versus when saturated with intensely hydrating serums.  The two don't compare.  We have to do the right thing by hydrating first, then moisturizing and sealing with an oil based product. 

Oh, and don't forget that I also shared a cost-effective hack for making DIY under eye masks as well.

Cheers to having our prettiest hands and feet ever!

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  1. I use Sephora's sheet masks for hands, feet, face and eyes but this is a great alternative.


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