The Best Selling Sheet Mask in the World is Finally Available in the US!

Even though  I talk about sheets masks incessantly on this blog, I don't really use them all that frequently.  My sheet masks are pretty much "out of sight, out of mind" until winter."  Heck, I didn't even bring any with me on a recent trip to California.  I figured that since we're in the middle of summer, my normal moisturizer would suffice.

Wrong.  I was completely wrong.

That extra-long flight combined with lowered humidity really dried out my skin.  Luckily, a friend randomly offered to share some sheet masks she picked up on a trip to Japan.  Thanks to her intervention, my skin was saved.  Once again I made a verbal commitment to never forsake my sheet masks again.  This was perfect timing as I just learned that the 1# selling sheet mask brand in all of Korea has finally launched in the US.
As you may already know, sheet masks were invented and made famous in Korea.  I'm sure there are hundreds of brands vying for the elusive position as the most loved sheet mask on the planet.  But only one brand is lucky enough to have that coveted title.

This brand is said to be so popular that five units are sold every second! That's pretty impressive.  Until recently, Mediheal sheet masks were only available in Korea.  Now they're here and I can't wait to get my paws on them.

I'm guessing that these masks gained widespread popularity due to their variety of options that treat various skin concerns.  Not to mention the fact that these moisture masks are really affordable.  Amazon is offering a pack of 10 masks for just over $1.00 per mask.  That's around the same low price they enjoy in Korea!  Plus you get to try various options to see which formula your skin falls in love with.

After suffering through excessively dry skin while traveling, I've learned my lesson.  From this day forward, I'll keep a stash of masks in my luggage at all times.  Think about it....sheet masks act as both a facial essence, serum, and moisturizer.  If you're trying to pack light, sheet masks can take the place of several products. 
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Sheet masks for travel make perfect sense but I'd also like to integrate them more into my life. Like for instance, I'm going out to dinner tonight...masking absolutely should be a part of my date-night ready routine.

Sheet masks are great but you can really harness their fullest potential by prepping the skin first.  Basically, this means clearing up congestion underneath the surface of the skin via steaming and using a physical or chemical exfoliant.  I've heard a few people rave about the cumulative benefits from masking consistently.....I'm finally ready to become one of those people.

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