Find Your Fuel! Use These Motivation Triggers to Fuel Massive Action.

I had two conversations this weekend, different people, that were very similar in nature.  Both women hold professional positions and both felt as if they were underappreciated financially. They also felt that their supervisors weren't listening to their valid work-related concerns.

Basically, they were both unhappy with their current work situation.  As I listened to their grievances, I connected to the emotion and passion each of them held about wanting to change their current situation.  The reason I could relate is because I was once in their position.  I too was unhappy with undesirable work conditions.  But the worse things got, the less I complained. Instead, I opted to take a different approach.  After realizing that the passion I felt was valuable fuel,  I redirected my anger to create something amazing.
Emotions are powerful.  But we often neglect to harness the potential power of emotion.  In my opinion, emotions (especially negative emotion) is a form of clean fuel.

What type of fuel?  Fuel for inciting massive action.

Honestly, if I didn't hate my work life as much as I did, I'd still be in corporate America till this day.  I worked an unhealthy amount of hours and felt like I was giving up too much of my time for the sake of a paycheck.  As the demands on my time got more and more intense, I decided to repurpose my negative emotion and use it as a means of overcoming my fears.

Changing a situation isn't easy. 

It requires taking action that is outside your current comfort zone. 

Taking action outside of your comfort zone requires facing your fears (or overcoming resistance).

Overcoming resistance requires a massive amount of motivation.  

Where can you find that much motivation?  From wanting to transform your current situation. If you're not happy with your present situation, you can change it! Just use your bad days as fuel to create a new reality.  Both of my friends are currently in the process of using their negative emotion as life-changing fuel.  By the start of the new year, I anticipate that their lives will look different than it does today.

But what if your situation isn't dire? For example, I've been running my business successfully for nearly 5 years.  But I want to reach new milestones. Because I've been creating the same results consistently, I would need to step outside of my comfort zone in order to create completely new results.

The problem is that I'm primarily motivated by negative emotion. But when things are going well, there isn't much negative emotion to influence my action. What does one do if their current situation is ok but they still want to create something completely different?  The answer is to leverage positive emotion as a driver to take you where you want to go.

Unfortunately, positive emotion may not be as effective as its counterpart.  A lot of people would love to experience a better situation but most of us aren't motivated enough to really move the needle.  When the situation is ok,  there's no consequence if nothing changes so we remain stuck.  I've brainstormed some strategies to overcome the stagnancy that occurs when things are ok and here are some solutions I came up with.

  1. Normalize your desires.  Sometimes we don't initiate action because we don't believe the thing we want is within our reach.  If what we want doesn't seem attainable,  our actions will reflect it.  
  2. By normalizing your desires, you build your belief.  Belief is a powerful driver of action. If you're certain you'll achieve what you want, you'll go after it with full force. 
  3. Stay connected to the reality you want to create.  
  4. When I watch videos of people experiencing the reality that I desire, it moves me out of complacency.  But I haven't made it a part of my daily routine.  So I'm going to add this to my daily ritual as a method for fueling my action for the day ahead.
Without fuel, you can't get from one place to another.  The fuel that motivates us can come in many forms. Our job is to leverage our emotions to take us to a new level of deliberate and purposeful action. 

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  1. I think fear is our biggest enemy but also our biggest blessing too as once you overcome your fears you can do literally anything you put your mind to!
    Chloe X


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