The Ordinary's Salicylic Acid Clay Mask is Coming for Your Acne Breakouts

I love clay masks. But, instead of using them regularly, I find myself reaching for masks only when their service is needed.  Typically that means that my skin is ultra congested or I have a few breakouts that need to be addressed immediately. 

The clay masks I own are pretty good.  But they aren't at the level they need to be.  What I truly want is a clay mask that contains active ingredients that address multiple skin concerns at once.  Thankfully, the folks at The Ordinary have the ability to read minds.  'Cause they just launched an affordable mask that has the power to transform your skin.
I already have a plethora of clay masks at my disposal. Yet, I find myself still searching for that one clay mask with the ability to satisfy all of my desires.

Here's what I mean....

I don't typically mask my skin for fun. I do it because there's a problem brewing.  Oftentimes, this means that I'm experiencing congested skin or breakouts.  When this happens, I need my mask to put in work.  I know masks, by nature, a supposed to address skin concerns head-on but, let's be honest, many of them aren't fully equipped with the right ingredients to truly make the kind of impact I'm looking for.

But then I learn that The Ordinary has launched exactly what I'm looking for and I couldn't be happier.  Apparently, their new $12.00 clay mask was designed specifically to target blemishes and breakouts.  Like most purifying masks, this product is comprised of a kaolin (clay) base.  But then they supercharged the mask by incorporating salicylic acid to the mix.  For those who don't know, salicylic acid offers salvation from those who are plagued with blemishes.  It has the ability to penetrate skin cells to help them shed from within the follicles on our face.  This deep exfoliation helps keep our pores nice and clear.  Not only that, but this acid can also help us control oil while fighting inflammation.  If you're prone to acne breakouts, you need salicylic acid in your life!

I'm super appreciative of the fact that The Ordinary incorporated as much acid in this clay/charcoal mask as with their Acne solution (their flagship product to treat acne-prone skin).

I've talked about how effective salicylic acid is when used during the cleansing phase of your routine.  I still stand by that recommendation, and I urge you to also test how your skin responds to masking with this powerhouse ingredient.  Once upon a time, I convinced myself to stop buying clays masks 'case I already have quite a few on deck.  The others are great for when I want to do some casual masking. But The Ordinary's 2% Salicylic Acid Masque will be my ultimate weapon to annihilate blemishes and breakouts.


  1. Clay masks are my absolute favourite and The Ordinary is one of my all time favourite skincare brands, so I can just tell I'm going to love this product! I neeeed to get my hands on it!
    Chloe X

  2. Since I read this post I am desperatly trying to buy this mask as my skin is in need :(
    unfortunately the brand is quite confidential in my country (France) and one hardly find a few products. fingers crossed I'll be lucky in London tomorrow


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