The Future of Glowy Skin is Now (*also try this DIY technique*).

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I'm excited to share some new hydration tips for dry skin season.  The tip I have today is a great one.  Coincidentally, a new product launch gave me the inspiration to give this method a try and I loved it!

My skin is especially sensitive to the drier air so I become desperate for ways to keep the moisture from escaping the surface level.  Most of us know that oil is an excellent means of keeping our hair and skin moisturized.  Although it doesn't moisturize directly, oil is like a powerful ally in the war against dryness.

Let's talk about a quick DIY that you can try today to create your most hydrated, dewy skin by blending oil with an unsuspecting product for an ideal pairing.
When oil cleansing became huge, I jumped on the bandwagon and was amazed at how much my skin loved it (especially during the winter).  Thee absolute best part of oil cleansing is when you perform the "second cleanse" with your typical face wash and feel the small traces of oil left on the skin.  That's the good stuff that gives your skin a lasting hint of glow and serves as the perfect base for your moisturizers and serums to finish the job.

I've also experimented with adding oil as a final layer after moisturizing but that didn't turn out so well. It didn't sink into the skin as much as I wanted.  Ideally, I want facial oils to become one with the skin, not look like it's sitting on the surface.

The technique I'm sharing with you today gives me the exact results that I'm looking for.
glossier Futuredew
Glossier is one of my favorite brands.  I've found a few favorites from their minimalist skincare/beauty line.  Recently they launched a new product concept that I immediately fell in love with. As soon as FutureDew came across my feed, I wanted to get my hands on it.

As far as I know, FutureDew is the first product of its kind.  Essentially, it's a serum-oil hybrid.  FutureDew was created to extend that dewy glow that we experience immediately after moisturizing.  Most of the time, that natural glow dissipates (especially when it's dry out).  This serum-oil emulsion will give new life to your natural, dewy glow.
bamboo oil | Vichy serum

Of course, I immediately wanted it and will probably get it but I'm also trying to be mindful of how many beauty product purchases I make before finishing the ones on hand.  So I immediately went into DIY mode and began testing out the concept of adding a drop or two of oil to my favorite hydrating serums.

The result was beyond everything I could ever want in life.  My skin was soft, hydrated and had the most amazing subtle glow.  This oil-serum combination is a game-changer. Especially if you love to go makeup-free (or light makeup) and like to feature your skin.

If you're gonna give this a try, be sure to experiment with only hydrating serums.  I have a couple of serums that are formulated to treat skin issues (like brightening serums, anti-aging serums, etc).  I wouldn't pair them with oils because they serve a different purpose.  You still want to apply those serums immediately after toner (and without adding oil) so they can effectively do their job.   Once your correcting serums have fully absorbed into the skin, then you can have fun by incorporating a product like FutureDew.

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