Countdown to Summer | Glowing skin starts now.

This weekend is daylight savings.  This means the start of the "warmer seasons."  This week has been unseasonably warm which reminded served as reminder of how unprepared I am.  Winter allows me the opportunity to slack a little on my skincare, my eating, and fitness routine.  When spring rolls around, it's on!

So I've got to move quickly into action to get things back in order.  As always, the first priority was up to up my water intake and I'm already experiencing improvements.  Quick tip, if you want to drink more water, get a bigger water bottle.

Now that I've upped my hydration, I can worry about other things.  First and foremost on my list is body exfoliation.  Time to switch out my Salux cloth for an upgraded, harder version.  I've become a bit accustomed standard texture and now I'm graduating to the next level (super hard Salux cloth).

Second on the agenda is a cleanser that also evens out the skin.  In the past I've reached for the Kojic Acid soap. But I think I may venture onto something even more powerful.  So far, I've got my eye on this Mandelic Acid 3-N-1 exfoliating cleanser.  Mandelic acid is a mild exfoliant that is deemed the most effective for ethnic skin.  Even though mandelic acid is considered  on the mild side, as far as peeling agents go,  it's pretty effective.  Perfect for using a couple of times a week to promote healthy, even toned skin.

Ok, so I'll continue up my water intake, slough off dead skin with a high-powered Salux cloth,  and incorporate skin brightening products into my daily/weekly routine.  In addition to all of this, I plan to transition my eating habits away from fatty, heavy comfort food to fresher choices.  This means incorporating more fresh fruits and green salads throughout the day.  Not only will this help me shed a few pounds, the water content in fruit and veggies also help contribute to my total water intake.

This is Phase I of the "Get Ready for Summer" plan.  There's also a Phase II which involves one simple action which will contribute to my fitness, health and skin care goals all at once.  Let's Phase II discuss next time.


  1. Have you personally used the mandelic acid serum before?

  2. Have you used the mandelic acid serum? How were the results? I love reading new products and information on your blog, lol I'm always buying new products to try

  3. Hi Imani,
    Yes I have mandelic acid peel at 25%. It's mild, fairly gentle and gives the skin a fresh, glowy appearance every time I use it.

  4. Hi Nadege,

    Do you use the MUAC, MakeUp Artists' Choice one?

    I'm looking at mandelic acid and the hyperpigmentation clinic (based in London ) sends a free e-book which has good info about hyperpigmentation and acids that are best for darker skin.

    Felicia Benson of ThisThatBeauty gives good tips too although she uses glycolic acid and retinol. Amazing skin though, so the proof is in the pudding I guess!

    DermTV is another great skin care resource, still has great tips about skincare not necessarily specialised to women of color, but the importance of chemical exfoliation as well as Vitamin C, how and when to apply (day or night etc)

    Okay I'll get out of your comments now :)


  5. Great post.. Look forward to reading more on the count down to summer. I wish I could try more products you've recommended but they are not available in the UK and Amazon wont ship :(... Anyway Keep up the Great work Nadege it is always a joy to read your posts x

  6. Hi Natalie,
    Yes, the one I currently use is from MUAC. I like it quite a bit. But I'm thinking of getting something I can use daily and see how my skin responds.

    Thanks for the recommendation of DermTV. I have to check them out.


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