What JLO has taught us about dressing down and being fabulous

I'd like to be honest with you.  I've struggled a little with presenting the best version of myself to the world.  Working from home isn't helping this situation at all. So I devoted a little time to reflect on what could be the root cause of why I'm not putting the level of effort I'd like into dressing well. Finally,  I think I've had a breakthrough.

My theory is that I don't put much effort when I'm out and about because I don't put much effort in how I look when I'm lounging around the house.  Comfy lounge clothes are the norm for me and, if I'm headed to the store, or to run errands, I pretty much grab my handbag and go.  But what if I did a small series of rituals that allowed me to be both comfortable and presentable while I'm spending time at home? Then, if I had to quickly run out to complete a few tasks, I wouldn't have to invest much time in getting prepared.  Or, better yet, I could step out and still look pulled together.  Since I tend to wear a lot of basics around the house, I came to the conclusion one of the most effective actions I can do daily, is to accessorize well.  It's such a simple gesture that offers a great level of return.

Jennifer Lopez has executed this flawlessly as she heads out from ice cream.  A pair of jeans, a black top, and flip flops, comprise her entire outfit.  That's something not unlike what one would wear around the house.

But when you add a pair of diamond earrings, a chunky cuff bracelet and the perfect pair of shades, the entire look is pulled together flawlessly.  Honorable mention goes to her manicured nails and statement pinky ring.  To me, this is how one does "dressed down." And it doesn't hurt that her hair is in a neat top knot and her figure is enviable.  Another thing to note is how perfect skin serves a great purpose in mastering being fabulous while dressing down.  She does a great job of highlighting her skin by keeping the makeup ultra simple.  Great skin will make you look amazing no matter what you're wearing.  Don't forget to pamper your skin.

I'm now letting go of the idea that my accessories should only be worn when I'm going somewhere "special,"  Instead, I'll invest in simple pieces that I can enjoy even if I'm not stepping foot outside. The right accessory can make a simple tank top look sexy and polished.
necklace | necklace
Simple + perfectly styled accessories can have us looking our best no matter what we're wearing.  No more excuses.

There will be more posts in this series as I share inspiration on looking great while dressing down.


  1. LOVED THIS POST!!! It's something I have been working on, and it is 'the thing' in my life right now. And, let us mention, a beautiful body (along with skin) are a part of your 'never comes off' wardrobe that always make you look neater, and polished. Once upon time, my body was an accessory and I am working toward regaining that. I believe one of the reasons JLo always looks so good is that she maintanes a weight that best highlights her natural shape. Again, THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! Your blog is REAL READING to reach your highest self; I love that and have been reading it for a looooooong time. PS, could you post Olaplex ingredients? Just to see if the extra cost for a treatment is worth it? Xoxo

  2. Lol, this has been on my mind lately as well. I AM NOT a fashion blogger! I need the fashion blogs lol. BUt I do want to look more , UM, polished while dressing down. Thanks for the post. This was inspiration.

  3. As usual, your posts speak to me. I also need to put effort into looking my best even when I'm chilling at home. Love it - Fumati

  4. Reading you from France. I absolutely love your blog, fashion posts, beauty posts, home "clutter" out posts, motivational posts for workdays.keep the good work!


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