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 Time for another round up of random new things that have found their way into my life.  We begin with a cute little trio I picked up while at Sephora.  After being encouraged to incorporate a moisturizer into my regimen, I began the hunt.  Basically, I desired a moisturizer that could also deal with residual acne scarring.  The friendly girl at Sephora promised an added benefit of a wonderful glow from the vitamin C content if I tried Ole Henriksen so I thought, "why not?"  She grabbed a gift box off the shelf that contained small sizes of the serum, hydrating cream and eye cream for around the price  of a full sized moisturizer.  I was sold. Used it a couple times and so far so good.
 A couple of years ago, I went on this rampant handbag purchase spree.  Once I got it all out of my system, I vowed to turn my energies elsewhere.  I did a great job managing my urges until I came across this nifty cross body.  This handbag is exactly what I needed in my collection.  It's as if my Never Full and the Eva Clutch merged and produced the perfect blend of the two!  A large cross body bag with zippers is exactly what was missing from the current line up. This bag can fit pretty much anything but, unlike the Never Full, I've got compartments and I can zip it close, which makes me very happy.
 Probably my favorite acquisition on this list are these awesome little massagers I picked up at Brookstone.The original purpose for walking into the store was for a ultra quite indoor fan.  But I saw these and stopped dead in my tracks.  The vibrating action is pretty intense.  And the material allows the massager to feel really comfortable on the skin.  They're ergonomically well designed to glide easily from one place on the body to another.  I've been using it mainly for head and facial massages.  Yes, it gives great scalp massages but it also helps to relieve tension that builds up in the neck and head area.  Another great use for these massagers is for the back of the thigh area to promote blood flow and reduce cellulite.  Glad I bought two.
 While at Sephora, I caught a glimpse of myself in one of their many mirrors and noticed just how oily my skin was.  After summoning one of the many sales associates, one shared her recommendation for bosica's black charcoal blotting linens.  The package was about the size of a pack of gum and came with a 100 charcoal infused sheets (made  from abaca leaf fiber).  I thought the idea of adding charcoal was a novel idea that made perfect sense. We all know that charcoal can absorb impurities in a major way.  After testing a sheet and seeing how easily it absorbed the visible oil from my skin, I tossed into my basket.
 Yeah, I know, I have absolutely no business buying another lip pencil.  But I'm really glad I took the plunge and got Black Radiance's Perfect Tone Lip Definer in Chocolate.  Uh, I love this pencil so much.  It's a bit chunkier in size than all of the pencils in my collection.  The absolute best part is that it super hydrating and easy to apply (contains castor oil).  Actually, it feels like lipstick.  The color is perfect and the pencil is dual sided. One size a bit thinner (for lining the lip), and the other is the perfect size for easily filling in the lip.  Both sizes are creamy and smooth. I'm going to by a couple more.


  1. I wouldn't buy anything from Ole Henriksen (all overprized moisturizers without any special ingredients for skin). Jar packaging is a big NO NO when it comes to skincare. The Vitamin C in these creams will not remain stable once you open that jar. So you just paid for on overpriced moisturizer. Girl there are better options out there.

    Kind regards from Germany

  2. I have been using the vitamin c collagen booster for a couple of months. I like what it does, but I think I'll only use it at night. The Sephora skin care person who recommended it also recommended using it under an oil-mattifying serum and oil-free moisturizer. All together, it makes my face super oily by the end of the day, like I have a layer of Crisco on. But once I eliminated the OH, the serum and moisturizer worked wonders.

  3. I've tried a couple Ole Henriksen products and fell in love. They're so good! I think I have a sample of the oil from this line. It smells really good. Like oranges. I'll definitely be checking out those lip pencils too though. They sound like they're right up my alley!

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