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It's been a while since I compiled a roundup of my current craves.  I really enjoy these posts because they act as sort of a vision board for me to declare the things I'd like to experience in my life.

So here we go:
It seems a bit more challenging to keep up with everything I'd like to accomplish in a day.  Ideally, I should be using one agenda to capture notes, to-dos, and projects instead of using a bunch of different time management tools co-mingled into one.

And so, my hunt for the perfect agenda has begun.  Although I still have a Covey planner from a few years ago, I would love to have something a bit more stylish.  Which is why I'm craving a Louis Vuitton agenda.  Preferably in the damier ebene print.  I adore the design so much that I think it'll inspire me to use it very consistently.  And, from past experience, I can make a ton of progress on my goals when I plan my days and weeks using a structured system.

Seasons are changing and I'm craving a new fragrance.  I've heard great things about Byredo fragrances which have a pretty decent sized cult following.  Unfortunately for me, there aren't any stores that carry Byredo anywhere near me so I'm a bit bummed that I can't even sample their scents.
Hopefully, I can find a shop that carriers them when I visit California later this month.

I treated myself to a spa facial at an Aveda salon.  At the end of the session, the young lady attempted to sell me their brightening lotion which cost around $50.00.  For that price, I'd rather try Clinique's Even Better Moisturizer.  For around the same price, you get to enjoy (1) hydration, (2) dark spot correction (3) sunscreen.  I need a moisturizer in my routine and I'm no longer satisfied with the idea of applying a moisturizer that doesn't have additional benefits.  I guess the whole BB Cream movement spoiled me.  Now I want all of my products to have multi level benefits.  If any of you have any recommendations for an amazing brightening moisturizer, please share, I'm all ears.
My next crave is something that I just recently discovered.  As you already know, I have an affinity for facial tools.  Somehow I stumbled upon a facial tool kit which can also have healthy hair benefits.  I'm referring to a high frequency facial machine kit.  Basically, it's a set of interchangable facial vibrational wands, each with a different purpose.  A few weeks ago, I bought a small handheld facial wand, (which I love).  Then, I learned of this kit with includes a wide tooth comb attachment.

Honestly, I do not need another scalp massager..........but I need this one.  I can only imagine how stimulating a vibrating massaging comb experience is like.  And, by the looks of it, the comb seems very hair friendly.  Obviously, if I owned this kit, I wouldn't be combing through my hair with it. But I would apply the comb near the roots to stimulate blood flow.  I'm specifically thinking about my edges and nape which are easily accessible.  One girl tied her hair in a bunch of sections

Here's a quick video of it in action.

 I sometimes use my small facial wand  on my scalp while my hair is tied under a scarf.  I really enjoy the experience with the small wand and would love to use this comb to cover more ground in less time.

I'll do a review if I do decide to get it.


  1. Hi Nadege,

    I have been looking for facial products for the summer and I have resigned to trying out oils instead of creams or moisturizers which might make my oily face oilier. I have read rave reviews about Rosehip oil and Vitamin C which help clear the blemishes and spots. They both also help with evening out the overall skintone. My mother-in-law has been using Rosehip oil for years and her skin is beyond amazing...
    I have used the Clinique skin tone correcting line but a fast acting and dramatic line is the Obagi Nu-derm Clear . Its a whole line but you might want to start with the Clear as the whole line is quite pricey. The old formula has hydroquinone (which is a huge no-no for me) but their new formula (Clear FX) is without it but just as effective. Its great. Hope this helps.

  2. I've been looking at agendas all day lol. I'd love a Louis Vuitton one but it's out my budget at the moment. I do need to find a really cute one very soon though. My schedule is getting hectic and I need to organize my time a little better


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