Makeup Show Round Up

I'm grateful for the opportunity to have attend the MakeUp Show earlier this month.  Since this was my second year in attending, I did a better job of controlling my urges and picking up only what I thought I needed.

Although I consider myself a novice, I've amassed quite a modest collection.  I love the possibilities of creating beautiful looks with a few brush strokes coupled with the right technique.  My favorite part of the Makeup Show was being around all the gifted makeup artists and industry experts.  Most of all, I relished the opportunity to pick up some new goodies to add to my collection.

(Makeup Forever Professional)


(KA'OIR Cosmetics)

(Keisha KA'OIR)

Now time for the mini haul:

(Picked up some Crown brushes)

Since my eyelids are hooded, I needed to grab various brushes that would give me adequate control when applying shadows.  

(Makeup Forever HD Foundation) 

(Makeup Forever lipsticks and liquid concealers)

 My favorite find at the Makeup Show was this Gleam body shimmer.  I can't tell you how long I've been on the look out for product that gave me an all over bronzy glow.  Gleam rubs on like a light-weight lotion leaving behind tiny sparkles and a smooth glow.  Best of all, it comes in various shades for all skin tones.  I picked up the Deep Gold which, the lady told me, is the same color Brandy wore when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars.  I love this stuff.


  1. I too am on a mission to get golden! I just bought Gleam last week! I am waiting on my shipment to come in!! I can't wait. Did you get any Kaoir Glitz Sticks by chance?

  2. Hi BP! I hovered around the Kaoir display for a while. One of the girls working the both recommended a purple shade for me. Honestly though, I couldn't see myself wearing any of her colors because I'm really boring when it comes to lip color. A MUA friend who was also at the show said she didn't like KA'OIR lipsticks because, in her opinion, they were somewhat dry. She preferred hydrating lip colors with vitamin E, etc.

  3. Hi Yada! In the foundation I'm N180.

  4. Ka'Oir cosmetics look interesting, tryna dive into new stuff. Everyone is on the MAC hype these days

    Mona xx

  5. I went to a few makeup shows and I always had a good time when I went.


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