Why I'm never wearing lipstick again.


Ever since I've stumbled upon the technique of filling the entire lip with pencil, I've been on a massive manhunt for the most flattering hues.  Unlike my search for the perfect lipstick, finding the right lip pencil proved to be far easier. So easy that I've identified a multitude of colors that suit me beautifully.

Wearing lip pencil in lieu of lipstick makes so much sense.  First, lip pencils can cost a fraction of the price of a decent lipstick.  Secondly, they last much longer while offering a great color payout.  Third, they take up almost no space in your makeup pouch.  Fourth, they cover the lip without feeling heavy or overdone.  Fifth, the color seems much more natural than if I were wearing a similar shade in using a traditional lipstick.  Sixth, lip liners have a longer shelf life than lipstick. Seventh....ok, I've run out of reasons but if you're not convinced by now then there's nothing more I can say.

I've amassed quite a collection.  Some I love more than others.  I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you in case you're on the market to create your own version of the nude lip
The most expensive in my collection.  As one would expect, you enjoy a higher quality with these jumbo pencils.  The color payoff is amazing!  Not only are you enjoying bold color, but these chunky lip pencils are super hydrating which is a rare thing with a typical pencil.

MACs lips pencils are cool & all, but the money is in the their cremestick lip liners.  After digging deep in my current collection, I found "80%" which is now a discontinued color.  I loved it so much as a lip color that I went immediately to the MAC store to stock up. As soon as I found out it was long gone, I shed a tear.  Then I manned up and picked up an alternate color that also looked great on my skin tone.  MAC's Portside has a slightly more reddish tone than 80% but I appreciate the creamy texture which helps the color glide on.  I'll definitely be back for more.
Pictured |  Nars Palais Royal | NARS Train Bleu |  MAC Portside + 80% Cremestick | NYX Nude Truffle + Mauve + Mahogany + Brown + Nutmeg | MAC Chestnut + Cork lip liner | Rimmel Epic + Obsession
My favorite of the drug store pencils.  You gotta love the massive range of nude options in this line.  I picked up a ton of different colors each very similar yet different in their own way.  I love each one of them equally and the price makes it easy for me to indulge without feeling guilty. So far I've grabbed

Another drug store brand that deserves a shout out.  Similar to MAC's Cremesticks, these Rimmel pencils are softer textured liner that glides on pretty easily.  These softer liners give you the freedom to apply without having to worry too much about your lips drying out.  Plus they're retractable so no need to carry around a pencil sharpener.


  1. YES to this post! I started questioning the point of buying lipsticks after all the Kylie Jenner lip tutorials came out on Youtube :P. I'm definitely stocking up on a few lip pencils, especially a red and a nude shade. Thank you for the high-end and drugstore suggestions!

  2. Let me TELL you something. You have hit the nail on the head with this one. I fell in love with lip pencils a month or two ago except that I don't use lip pencils, mainly eyeshadow pencils. I fell in love with Jordana Tenacious brown and the black one and the purple. And now that's all I wear. SMH But yes hunty this is the rave and I am in love.

  3. I used to do this all time when I first discovered lip liners lol. I actually still fill in my lips completely with certain lipsticks and glosses. It just helps everything look neater and more defined. I've tried all of the liners you listed except for the Cremestick ones but those are next on my list!

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  4. Never heard of this..but definitely trying it!


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