Fearless Friday | Could your fear be causing to you take too much action?


Those of you who've read my past motivation posts know that I'm a huge supporter of taking massive action to reach your goals.  Thinking positive thoughts is good, but without consistent action, we won't experience results.

Today I'd like to challenge our thinking about taking action and how it relates to your fears.  Typically, when you see someone taking lots of action, you tend to see that person as someone who's fearless.  And they probably are.  But what if that person was operating out of fear and didn't even know it?
Let me explain.  Person A has set and intention to reach a desired outcome.  The next action they take is to list out all of the steps necessary to achieve that result.  "First I gotta do this, then I do this, then this...and so on,"  The longer the list of actions, the farther away she is from her goal.  Whenever I set a goal for myself, or my business, I immediately start to list out every step needed to reach that goal.  Here's the thing.  If I were honest with myself, I'd realize that all of those steps aren't really necessary.  In fact, there's probably one or two big actions I could do right at this moment that could get me close to my goal right now!

But instead of choosing to do the biggest, most powerful actions, I start at step one.  Why?  Because it's easier and more comfortable.  Starting at step 1 means that I don't have to do step 7 right now.  Step 7 is a bit scary so I'll start with the easiest stuff first.  Meanwhile, I'm delaying my results.   There's nothing wrong with starting with the fundamentals, but only if your goal is to get to the most relevant actions as quickly as possible.  The longer you spend doing the small stuff, the more you delay your manifestation.

Often, we have a timeline for our goals that will get us there in 1, 3, or even 5 years.  But we never ask ourselves, "what do I need to do to get there in 1, 3 or even 5 months?  What bold actions do I need to do RIGHT NOW?"  If you only have a couple of months (or weeks) to reach your goal, you won't be spending all that time on the preliminary stuff.  Instead you'll identify the HIGHEST IMPACT ACTIONS and get them done ASAP.

As you identify steps to take you towards your goal, ask yourself, "am I adding steps on so I don't have to do what I know I need to do?  If I were willing to do the thing that makes me uncomfortable, what kind of results could I be experiencing right now?"

Everything we could ever want is on the other side of our comfort levels. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again is symptomatic of wanting to operate in the warm and cozy comfort zone.  Once you've read a book on the topic, don't go looking for another book unless you've done something productive with what you learned. Always do gut checks to make sure your action isn't a form of avoidance. Action is powerful, but not all action is created equal.  Look at your list and really identify the most powerful action you can be doing right now, then get to work!

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