3 Ways to take your pre-poo to the next level

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Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to the pre-poo step.  Subconsciously, I'm not looking forward to the amount of time dedicated towards wash day so I try to cut corners where possible.

Lately, I haven't been investing much time into pre-pooing.  I know from past experience that when I invest in what happens before the wash, I'm rewarded handsomely.  But, if I cut corners, my progress is stunted. To make sure I have a successful 2016 hair journey, the pre-wash step must be in full effect. But slapping on some product before jumping in the shower is just the beginning.  Let's discuss some ways to amp up our pre-poo.
June Ambrose enjoying a lavender, peppermint and honey scalp massage.
One technique that I tried (and loved) was applying a little essential/carrier oil blend to my scalp prior to washing.  June Ambrose inspired me to try this technique after sharing her experience on Instagram.  In my mind, the essential oil blend is loosening buildup and preparing the scalp for a proper cleansing.

The Clarified Pre-Poo
A while back, I brought up the idea of pre-pooing on cleansed hair.  That way the strands are free from build up. This is especially useful for those times when you wish to pre-poo with coconut oil for additional protein absorption.  As you may recall, coconut oil has the power to penetrate the hair.  Whenever I experience a few more broken stands than normal, coconut oil is my go-to.  Applying it to clean, mostly dry hair before deep conditioning seems to raise it's effectiveness that much more.

Deeper conditioning pre-poo
At first, I didn't see the need to waste quality conditioner on dry hair, knowing that I would be washing it out with shampoo.  My belief was that pre-poos only happened with cheap conditioners.  But, everything changed once I experimented with a thicker, richer, pre-poo product.  The premise of deep conditioning before the wash is that the hair could benefit from the amazing ingredients before coming in contact with water.  As you know, water will take up space causing the strand to swell. That swelling could be what causes wet hair to break so easily.

If I'm not careful, I could loose more hair than necessary with all the manipulation happening on wash day.  The absolute best way to prevent some of that breakage is to adequately prepare the hair. Say it with me... no more pre-poo short cuts.


  1. Which protein method do you feel is best. Coconut oil or Dudley's DRC-28?

  2. That's a good question. I've never tried Dudley's DRC-28, but coconut oil is awesome for my hair. I feel coconut oil is more moisturizing, whereas everything I've read about Dudley's DRC-28 shows it to be a great protein conditioner.


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