Monday Motivation | Get the Slight Edge on life by listening to this audiobook.

I've listened to countless personal development audio books over the years.  Some have made more of a lasting impact than others.  Every once in a while, I'll learn about a concept, that if applied regularly, can absolutely change my results.

One such book is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen.  This book should be required reading at the start of the new year.  It's no coincidence that readers rated The Slight Edge a full 5 STARS on Amazon. It reminds how much our decisions (big or small) have an impact on our results in the long run.  The Slight Edge really resonated with me because I have this terrible habit of not continuing a behavior unless I experience immediate results.  Since most of our results show up later down the road, I often have to deal with the negative consequences of my inconsistent actions.
Jeff reminds us that small, positive actions are both"easy to do" AND "easy not to do." If I choose not to do it, there's no immediate repercussions.  But if I continue to make that same decision over and over again, I'm essentially ensuring that I create a negative outcome.

"Greatness is made in the moment of our decisions"

Today, I'm recommending that everyone read or listen to "The Slight Edge." Especially since we are at the start of a new year.  Luckily for us, someone uploaded the audio recording on Youtube for us to enjoy at our leisure.

Maybe you listen to this on your drive to work. Perhaps you play it while getting ready for work in the morning.  Or maybe you listen to the concepts while you go on your daily walk. Whatever you decide is up to you. If you don't listen, nothing bad will happen. But if you take on the concept of The Slight Edge, you might transform your entire life.

A quick synopsis of the Slight Edge concepts:

***The Author speaks for the first 30 minutes of the audio book. He kinda rambles a bit, so feel free to fast forward to the 30:40 mark to begin listening to the book."***


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  1. I immediately started listening to this after I read your post. While I tend to think I am a somewhat successful person in life, I know I can do even better so I'm really looking forward to listening to this book. Thanks for the link to the audio.


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