Thick Haired Girls Rejoice! The Bobby Pin of Your Dreams is Here!

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Not long ago, I expressed my intention to experiment with heated rollers.  Within 48 hours of writing the post, I was standing in the aisles of Target looking for a set of ceramic rollers.  Although I was dead set on only purchasing what I came in there for, something else immediately caught my eye.

For the past few weeks, I was on a mission to replace yet another claw clip sturdy enough to hold my thick hair.  Unfortunately, most claw clips snap like a twig whenever they're tasked with having to secure the bulk of my hair.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tiny package of the weirdest looking hair pins I've ever seen.  Apparently they were bobby pins that were designed to perform differently than your traditional hair pins.

Can we talk about my love/hate relationship with bobby pins for a minute?  Every quarter, I make a run to the beauty supply store to stock up on hair pins.  Without fail, every hair pin I purchase either gets lost, is stretched out of shape or becomes worthless after losing one of the plastic tips.  And, honestly, the typical hair pin isn't strong enough to hold my hair anymore.

The new bobbie pins sat on my dresser for over a week as I contemplated whether I should return them like I did the hot rollers.  I couldn't tell by looking at them if they were going to snag or pull my hair.  Truthfully, I was intimidated by the design and thought I had wasted my money yet again.

Then, I decided to overcome my fears and just go for it.  I put my old hair pin down and grabbed one of these "black bobby slides" instead.  The bobby slid into my hair with such ease.  And, best of all, it really secured my hair, not just pinned it in place.  Normally, a hair pin will loosen its hold on my hair as time goes by, but not these bobbies!  Once it's in place, it's in place!  And I seriously doubt that these bad boys will ever lose their shape.

And the very best thing I love about this ingenious pieces of art is how they slide out of the hair just as easily as they go in.  No snagging, no breakage.  They may look intimidating, but they're really a snap to use.  The only qualm I have about them is that the colored coating chips a little too quickly for my taste.  But, aside from that, these bobby slides are a God send.

Goody bobbies are far superior to hair pins when it comes to recreating hair styles.  Yesterday, I wore my hair like this with the help of the magnificent bobbies.  Once I pinned everything to one side, my hair stayed in place all day and looked amazing.   They are, by far, one of my favorite hair accessory purchases of the year.


  1. Just to bring it to your attention, when I try checking through the archive, clicking the year no longer triggers the article listings.

  2. That sounds soo perfect, I have so much struggle with bobby pins because I have such thick hair, I must see where I could pick these up!(:


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