Glowing Skin DIY | Try this Ford Model's technique for flawless skin

via Anstasia's Instagram
I'm still on my DIY hair and skin care kick.  Since the other DIY experiments are going so well, I
went out into the interwebs to find more.  Today I bring you a recipe for you to create your own version of GlamGlow's mud cleanser.

Although I have a trial size version of the cleansing mud, I didn't think to make a DIY version until my "glowing skin hero" Ford model Anastasia, shared her facial cleansing technique on a grainy Youtube video.

Anastasia has two striking features, her large curls, and glowing skin.  She doesn't share beauty details on Instagram so you can imagine how happy I was to find one secret to her flawless skin.
In the video, you see Anastasia sitting in a beach front villa (of course) looking flawless as the pool reflects off her brown skin.  She shares a testimony for a skin care product line as she reveals her secret technique.  Essentially, she blends a little cleanser and mineral clay mask together, adds water and allows the cleansing mask to work its magic.  After rinsing, she applies a little argan oil to bring balance back to her skin.

I could not wait to try this. This morning I blended a little bit of Aztec Clay + Phace Bioactive Cleanser.  Within a few seconds of application, I could feel my skin tingle.  I wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the mild peel I receive a week ago or if the cleanser and clay somehow were working together to promote circulation to my skin.

The solution dried quickly and easily rinsed off.  Because of the drier air, I made sure to follow up with a toner and serums per the Korean layering technique.  Finally, I sealed using a little coconut oil and marveled at the brightness of my skin.

This DIY clay skin cleanser could have multiple applications. After a workout when you want to cleanse a little deeper, just add a pinch of clay mask.  I could see myself using this method quite a bit in the summer when my oil production is high.  This is also a great time saver for those instances when your skin needs extra help but you don't have time for a full at home facial.

Don't take my word for it, watch the video as Ansastia shares her flawless complexion technique with you.


  1. I swear by Aztec Clay, I will definitely be trying this in the AM!

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