If You're Not Masking Like This Victoria's Secret Model, You Aren't Doing It Right

I'm sure all of us have this one thing in common.  You probably own several types of face masks. Threre's one that dries out your excessively oily skin. You have a hydrating mask to eradicate flaky skin.  There's the firming one that helps plump and tone.  Let's not forget the brightening mask to help fade away your scars. Whatever issue arises, you've got the perfect mask for it.

You've purchased all those masks for a reason. Chances are, your skin has multiple issues.  But your mask probably addresses only one.  What's a girl to do?

The answer to all of our worries is multimasking
@iammariaborges wearing L'Oreal Fask Masks

The skin on our face is complex.  Applying one mask a time is probably not the optimal move.  Sure, our skin usually feels fresher afterward, but is that enough?

Wouldn't it be better to address every concern as possible in one powerful session?  

My forehead tends to peel whenever I'm consistently using retin A.  The pores on my nose and chin are always blocked.  My cheeks still have mild discoloration from past breakouts.  Applying one type of mask all over is a surefire way to waste product.  My forehead has no need for a deep cleansing/purifying mask. Why am I applying it there?
Victoria's Secret Model Maria Borges
That's the old way of doing things.  Nowadays multimasking is all the rage.  It's smarter and it makes so much sense.  Heck, we can even multimask with different types of masks.  Imagine wearing hydrating under eye patches while treating each of your skin issues with its very own target mask.  

Let's add multimasking to our list of last minute beauty rituals to conduct before a night out.  It won't take that much time to complete the few extra steps, but I bet the benefits will be very worth it.  Try multitasking for yourself and keep experimenting until you find the perfect combination.


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