[Try This] The Multi-Step Cleansing Method that Completely Clears Out Your Pores

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Years ago, I had a horrific acne problem.  Luckily the breakouts have diminished over time.  But one lingering concern still persists.  Although my skin might appear clear, I'm still plagued with an issue that impacts my skin almost as much as a breakout.

My pores tend to get really congested.  Although my skin may look ok from afar, congested skin is lackluster and doesn't appear smooth.  Let's be real, blocked pores are ticking time bombs that can easily develop into breakouts at any given moment.  

I've implemented a few strategies to counteract that problem.  That's why I'm so addicted to my Clarisonic.  My skin needs the deep scrubbing action.  Although the Clarisonic does a decent job, it does not compare to my ultrasonic skin scrubber.  That thing really performs when it comes to removing gunk from my pores.  

Before the skin scrubber came into my life, I used a manual technique that was excellent at clearing out my pores.  The other day, I learned of another method that somewhat mirrored mine.   This technique is so effective that people are actually boasting about seeing their blackheads removed right before their very eyes.
This pore clearing method is discussed at length on Reddit.  It's a multi-step routine that promises to produce visible results.  People are actually sharing close up pics of their, now freed, white/blackheads  thanks to this deep cleansing process.  I've found that there are different variations that create similar results. 

Here's a breakdown of the essential steps:

1. Oil cleansing on dry skin.
2. Using a product or technique to bring "gunk" to the surface of the skin.

The good thing about this technique is that it can be adapted to fit your skin.  As I mentioned, there are multiple ways to do this.  I'll share a few examples so you can find the best method for you.

-Apply oil to dry skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes.
-Massage your skin with the oil. This will bring any gunk from the pores to the surface of the skin.  
-This technique is improved by the use of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) throughout the week.  AHAs are said to "unglue" dead skin.  In essence, it helps to gently exfoliate without disturbing healthy skin cells.   I like mandelic acid but I've read where some people use a Stridex pad to loosen dirt.  

-Cleanse with oil (massage oil on dry skin)
-Apply a clay mask to draw impurities to the surface.
-Complete the process with another oil cleansing massage to remove any remaining gunk laying below the surface.

-Cleanse dry skin with oil
-Use a facial steamer simultaneously during oil massage. Steaming opens the pores to allow for easy removal of whiteheads/blackheads.
-If I carry out this technique for several days in a row, my skin becomes really smooth.

The good people of Reddit recommend the use of mineral oil because of its inability to be absorbed by the skin.   This will help prevent further of clogging of pores if your skin is sensitive to oil.  Another insider tip is regarding how you massage the skin.  Some of the more savvy individuals recommend that we massage against the grain.  Meaning instead massaging our face from the nose outward (like when applying skin products) we massage from the ear inwards.  This really helps to loosen dirt and oil from our pores.  

There it is.  If you're already into oil cleansing, adding a few simple steps could really transform your skin.  The key is incorporating a way to loosen up the clogged skin and, in my case steaming while oil cleansing works like a charm.

Check out the links below for detailed explanation of the process from Reddit's discussion boards.




  1. What kind of oil would you recommend to use for congested skin types? :) Love your blog!

    1. Hi there! I would say to experiment with oils that are favorable to the skin like jojoba, squalene, or rosehip. Even coconut oil. Some say mineral oil is good because it'll just sit on the skin and not possibly block pores.


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