[style elements] The Little Red Belt Bag.

Every once in awhile I notice a micro-trend that really catches the eye.  I consider a micro-trend as a trend within a trend.  It's about noticing the style mavens who elevate a specific trend with their own unique twist.

As someone who loves to dress in basics, one of the most powerful ways I can enhance my look is by accessorizing to perfection.  Experimenting with jewelry and shoes seems like the obvious choice.  But I find myself enamored with the idea of wearing a beautifully designed red belt bag as a signature statement piece.

A belt bag is on my list of items to acquire....but as always, I was deadset on grabbing a solid black one.  Black is a classic color but a bag that is meant to be worn around the waist has a different purpose. It should serve as a focal point for your entire outfit.  A friend and I attended a fashion show then visited the showroom to check out the designer pieces available for sale.  Her eyes immediately gravitated towards a grey snakeskin belt bag. It was stunning.  The minute she tried it on, her entire look took on a different vibe.

It was an absolute must-have that she couldn't pass up.

I don't think I'm ready to rock a faux snakeskin fanny pack but a classic red bag might just be a piece I need in my life.  Last week I purchased yet another little black dress.  It's cute but it's just another little black dress.  There's nothing that interesting about it...yet.  Imagine how amazing that black dress could be if paired with a red or tan belt bag.
I'm also guilty of defaulting to jeans for the sake of comfort. Which is why I'm so obsessed with the first look pictured.  I love how she turned a simple long sleeve white blouse and jeans combo into a chic outfit simply with the addition of a structured red belt bag.

Now that it's cooler out, one concern is losing our shape whilst wearing layers and heavier clothing.  Fear not, because belt bags can be worn over oversized clothing to redefine the waist.

If you aren't keen on wearing the bag around your waist, keep in mind that these mini bags can also double as an across the shoulder accessory as well.  They're versatile, stylish and make a bold, beautiful statement.

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