[try this] The No Gel Method to Lay Your Baby Hairs While Also Making Them Healthier.

Healthy Hair
Laying down my edges is something I've never been able to get into.  I'm just not good at it and my baby hairs never seem to cooperate.  In my quest to master this technique, I've acquired a wide array of gels, waxes, and hair glues to make the impossible happen.  Honestly, I was content with never having mastered the art of smoothing down my edges.  I almost gave up on the idea of ever making it happen.

But, today is a new day and I'm excited to try a new method I came across just moments ago.  Who knows, maybe this new technique will bring about the results I've longed for...
The revelation came as an anonymous post online.  As soon as I was blessed with this piece of wisdom, I was sold.  Perhaps this exact method wouldn't work for my hair type but it couldn't hurt to try. 
Per her instructions, all we have to do is adjust the products used in the process.  Instead of glues, waxes and gels, she instructs us to try taming our edges using standard conditioner.  This immediately grabbed my interest because, compared to glues, waxes and the like, conditioner is a waayyyy healthier option.

Let's not forget that most of the edge-based products on the market were solely created for one purpose.  To mold your baby hairs in place.  These products often dry the hair and don't really contribute to its overall health.  Sometimes we forget the fragile nature of the tiny hairs along our hairline.  Instead of using harsh products that could possibly make my edges worse, I'd rather experiment with a healthier alternative.

So the idea is to tame our edges using a lightweight conditioner, while leveraging the tension and pressure of satin scarf, to lay the strands down. 

Makes sense, right?

Here's where I'm going to take the experiment to the next level. 

I've got dermatitis.  For me, the flaking is really bad at the hairline.  When the flaking is excessive, I lose tiny hairs at the problem site.  This means that my hairline doesn't look as thick and healthy as it should.  Since I'll be applying a nourishing conditioner to my edges, I'll lace it with a little peppermint oil (or castor oil) for a little stimulating action.  Why peppermint oil? Because peppermint essential oil is a known hair growth stimulator

According to the wise words typed out on a simple black background, laying down our edges with conditioner nightly will produce a compound effect.  Over the course of time, your edges will become easier to style probably because they'll be adequately moisturized.   If you're weary about using a conditioner on dry hair without washing it out, try substituting with a moisturizer and see it works.

We all know that using conditioner/moisturizer on the edges won't have the same holding power as gel.  But...what if this method causes us to require less holding product.  Better yet, what if adding a little hydrating conditioner to our edges overnight helps protect the hair prior to gelling it down the next day.

I don't know about you, but I'm dying to try this.

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