[try this] The DIY Combo for Your Own Glow Enhancing Body Serum.

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Ever since I wrote the article not long ago about body serums, I've had intentions to try a few of the options available on the market.  Unfortunately, I have some other wish list purchases that take priority so I had to improvise.

Winters are torture for my skin. As soon as the humidity drops, everything goes south.  Each year I'm plagued with dry, itchy legs and thighs.  The itchiness is so intense that I sometimes end up actually creating surface-level scars on the skin.

I've tried to address the itchiness with lotion but it's a losing battle.  But last night a tried a combination that turned out to be absolutely amazing.
Out of desperation, I decided to try to create a DIY body serum that would moisturize my skin in a way that plain old lotions could not.

After a quick scan of what I had on hand, I decided to combine two of my most powerful skin hydrating products into one.

To moisturize my skin, I opted to grab the bottle of my Hada Labo hyaluronic acid (HA) lotion.  The consistency of this product is like moisturizing water. Although there's lotion in the name, it doesn't look or feel like a lotion.  It's more like a water-hyaluronic acid hybrid.  Not to mention that it contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid.  Perfect for replenishing moisture levels after jumping out of a hot shower.

Although this is a great product, I knew I had to combine it with something spectacular to really amp up its potential. So I blended it with my go-to body product for summer --- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Gel Oil.  Palmer's Gel Oil is kinda thick (kina like the consistency of hair gel without the stickiness).  A little too thick to apply to parched skin so I improvised a little by diluting it with the watery HA lotion.

Let me tell you......this combination is absolute perfection.  I used a bit more HA lotion than gel to make sure the product applied evenly.  This made it so easy to massage into the skin.  Once the mixture was massaged in, my skin radiated ( thanks to Black Radiance) and it felt incredibly soft, (thanks to Hada Labo).

I gave a bit more attention to my knees, elbows, and other parts that tend to be a bit rougher than the rest.  Once the ritual was complete, I waited a little while and proceeded to scratch my legs with a little bit of intensity.  The purpose was to test the hydration power of my new DIY body serum.  No matter how hard I scratched, there wasn't a sign of dry skin in sight.

Did I just formulate a super-effective hyaluronic acid/oil body serum?  I'm pretty sure I did.  And it only took a couple of seconds.   Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself.  All you need is a drug store oil gel to mix with your HA "lotion".    Also, because I didn't actually use a lotion-based moisturizer, I feel like the product absorbed more quickly hence why I saw no signs of dryness even when I scratched my skin emphatically.

Although I still want to get my hands on some of the body serums on the market, this combo will be my go-to body serum until further notice.

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