Monday Motivation: Fitness as a way of life


One of the most powerful benefits I received from completing the recent 7 day challenge was the ability to overcome resistance.  I couldn't allow any excuse to stop my  workouts and now I have even greater motivation to keep going.  I'm still working on a mind shift on how I view fitness. I still see it as a means to an end. A way to sculpt and tone my body.  Last night I had a semi break through and realized that just like the other new habits I've cultivated over the years, like drinking water, or giving up pork, fitness must be a consistent part of my life.

The good news is that the benefits are so freakin' amazing.  All the hard work is so worth it.  I am genuinely surprised and excited to hear from some of you that have begun to work out as a result of these fitness inspiration posts.  I don't know what to all inspire so much.  So let's keep this baby going.  Here's this week's round of fitness motivation brought to you by some of our favorite fit ladies of Instagram.

I went to the beach yesterday with hubby. We did more people watching than anything.  One observation I made was that few people that had bodies that were intentionally fit and toned.  I'm not saying that everyone was fat. That wasn't the case, but their bodies weren't notable (from my perspective). Mainly because, although slim, many lacked visible muscle tone.  I'm not referring to "body builder" muscles.  I'm referring to that level of muscle that speaks to the fact that one has been intentional with their fitness.  

I'm thinking about trying one of those sweat (waist) trimmers when I work out. Technically, I don't think they help one lose fat in the waist area but they do help us to be mindful of our core.  I wore one consistently a few years back and I do vaguely remember that it did have a positive impact in my waist area.

Miss Antanique, bringing us hair and fitness inspo at the same darn time.....

Who else is on their own fitness journey?


  1. oh my gosh, I was at the gym too this weekend and I had that same feeling... I was a little disappointed by seeing that the "skinny" girls only looked that way because they were young or teenagers.

    I like the motivation series... keeps me motivated. I like the things my body can do. 10mile - let's go!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to get back on my fitness grind.

  3. I love these fitness posts! I am definitely inspired by photos of fit women.


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