Your Ultimate Exfoliation & Circulation beauty Regimen | Part I

I have a little voice inside that will sometimes repeat certain phrases, ideas and obsessions over and over again.  Lately the voice has been reminding me incessantly of the importance of exfoliation.   You may remember the water update post where  I shared a video of Chilli sharing water drinking as one of her beauty secrets.  Besides that water drinking, she also recommended that we "exfoliate a lot." 

It wasn't until I kept digging that uncovered an interview where she mentioned receiving chemical exfoliation on a monthly basis.  That makes total sense to me because when you look at the woman, her skin has the same qualities of someone much younger.  Her skin is fresh and new as a result of her consistent exfoliation. 

  Last summer I regularly used my Tree Hut Sugar Scrub (on my body) on a daily basis.  The compliments on my skin were bountiful.  In fact, a cashier at Walmart went as far as to open a jar of my scrub in the check out line and say "wow, this smells good, is this what you use to get your skin so pretty?"  Once I was enjoying a spa service last year and, in the middle of my experience, my masseuse informs me that my skin was "so soft."

I also want to give props to the use of the steam room for helping create the look (and feel) of soft, glowing skin.  Since skin exposing season is upon us, I'm ready to go all in and create an exfoliation routine that works from head to toe.  My goal is to create a full-on exfoliation routine that will keep me soft, supple and glowing all over.  Yes, my reasons for this new routine is mostly aesthetic but I also know that I'll experience benefits to my health as well.  You see, I intend this routine to be a comprehensive exfoliation and circulation regimen.  

I'll be breaking all of this down into a series of posts. Starting from how to  regularly exfoliate our skin/bodies, our face, and our scalp. To how to promote overall circulation that helps promote blood flow and cell turnover.  It'll be fantastic, I promise.   So don't head out too far 'cause you don't wanna miss part 2, 3, and 4 of this wonderful series.  

Stay tuned.


  1. I can wait to hear more!

  2. I LOVE exfoliators and scrubs!!! Can't wait to read your series.

  3. I've been thinking about doing a weekly scrub on my face for a while now to! Dr Schultz from DermTV is always cheering on the benefits of chemical exfoliation too. I've always been interested in the Clarisonic but that price tag is whew.

    With my heels, I don't know if it's that I'm impatient or inconsistent but with a daily scrub I feel that they are definitely softer but not soft enough and that makes me throw in the towel. I'm now considering buying an Emoji Micro Pedi, but am wondering if you found the pumice stone to be sufficient (and roughly how long it took?)

    Looking forward to the series too!

  4. Yes MA'AM!!! Give me the deets, cause I'm determined to possess the glow of a '99-2000 video girl this year! lol


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