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It's been way too long since I experienced a professional facial treatment.  Since I have a birthday coming up, I thought I'd treat myself. But I didn't want a typical facial. I've been there done that.  I want something that can transform my skin. And....I didn't want to spend a ton of money.

Then, Instagram taught me about the hydrafacial. This facial is like the holy grail of skin care treatments. It exfoliates like a mircoderm treatment.  It helps fill and plump the skin, cleanses and hydrates.  The skin is extracted and moisturized all at once.  Fine lines are diminished, dark spots faded,  pores purified, all from one simple procedure.

My search to find out more led me to Youtube where I viewed countless videos describing the wonderful nature of this super-facial.  Immediately, I Googled a local spa that offered the service. Two results popped up.  The first was only $149.00 but the easthetician was out for the work requiring me to have to wait until Friday.  The second place was offering the hydrafacial for only $99.00 and could take me on Monday.


I'm so looking forward to the experience.  At only $99.00, I can afford regular treatments (at least once a month).  I've saved a ton from not having to buy skin care products ever since I got serious and purchased heavy hitters like the Clarisonic Pro, my Riiviva and drank loads of water.  Now I'm finally at a place where I can begin to create phenomenal skin and it feels good to be here.


  1. This is very interesting! Looking forward to your review! I saw your post and immediately put on an Aztec mask. I have been using coconut vinegar instead of ACV to mix.

  2. Interesting, let us know how you like it.


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