Monday Motivation | Stop Combing the Mirror

This weekend, while watching videos on Youtube. I came across one where a gentleman shared a brilliant analogy with regards to creating change in our lives.  He talked about how reality is merely a function of what is happening in our internal world (our subconscious mind). The illustration he used is like someone looking into a mirror.  The reflection one sees in the mirror is like the reality we now experience.  What would happen if someone realized their hair was out of place, in the reflection,  took out a comb and tried to comb the hair in the mirror?

Essentially nothing would change because the person is not going to the source of the issue.  In the same way, when we see something we want to change in our "reality" we often try to change it by focusing on what we see. But are we getting to the source or are we combing the mirror?  Perhaps that is part of the reason why we fail to create lasting, long term change.

So, what is the source and how do we get to it?  The source, my dears, is our thoughts. According to Joe Dispenza, we produce an 60,000-70,000 thoughts a day.  Ninety percent of those thoughts are the same the day before.  These repeated thoughts create our choices, our behaviors/actions and experiences.  Never mind the fact that we are unaware of most thoughts as they occur.  Sometimes we're aware of what we think but the same thoughts keep popping up even without our conscious action.

What are our options? How can we create lasting change transformation instead of repeating the same unwanted behavior over and over again?  There isn't one simple answer but I do believe that a bulk of our focus must shift to working on our inner selves.  Some examples include:

  • Reading books that promote reflection, growth and self development.
  • Plant the thoughts to repeat in your mind over and over again (affirmations) rather than allowing random thoughts to run rampant on their own . 
  • Quite your monkey mind daily.
  • Ask yourself new questions.  This technique will help break you out of the cycle of doing the same things over and over again.  For example, if you are always repeating the same pattern of eating sweets when you're upset. Ask yourself, "what else can I do right now to deal with my feelings?" Force yourself to answer that question which will lead you to new actions which = new results.
  • Do one thing different.  Our minds naturally want to create routines and rituals. Even though the ritual is one that we don't want to repeat.  We have to FORCE ourselves out of the trance by doing something to shock us out of it.  
  • Create a new reality in your mind.  When I visualize how I want my day to go, I'm much more likely to follow the plan in my mind versus being on auto pilot.  
  • Learn something new.  Whenever we learn, we use parts of our mind that raise our awareness.  
Most importantly, it's critical to remember that if we only work on what's happening on the outside, we could be fighting a losing battle.  If life seems to remain the same even no matter how hard you try change it, work on what's happening on the inside.  Stop combing the mirror.

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  1. I read mostly self improvement books because even a few pages can make me more positive.


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