Craving | Dr Gross Dark Spot Sun Defense (the even skin sunscreen)

My current wish list is pretty short.  And on top of that list is an new and better sunscreen.  You see, ever since I've been practicing the Korean layering regimen, come to expect quite a lot from each product in my routine.  All the serums are doing a bang up job of addressing my various skin issues.  But I feel like my sunscreen needs to work a little harder to contribute to my overall goals.

Sure, the one I currently use is high SPF and does a decent job at blocking out the harmful rays (I suppose), but I'm ready for the next level of sun protection that addresses uneven skin tone.  I know that the simple act of wearing sun protection daily does have positive effect on managing dark marks. Yes, I understand that sunscreen is vital to helping promote perfectly even skin.  But, now that we've ventured into the world of BB & CC creams that boast of having multi-level benefits, I expect my sun protection to do the same.
Which is why I have my eyes set on Dr. Dennis Gross' Dark Spot Defense SPF 50.  It's a paraben free sunscreen that claims to moisturize, prevent and minimize hyperpigmentation while loading the skin with beneficial antioxidants.  I'd love to complete my skin care routine with a product with multi-level benefits.  It appears to be a fairly new product because there aren't that many reviews online.   This one is from a happy customer.

5 out of 5

I have been looking for a face lotion with high SPF and this does above and beyond that. Not only does it not leave a greasy mess on your face after you apply it or if you start to sweat, it has vitamin c and e which is vital for your skin in order to prevent signs of aging. I would recommend this product!
I'm not an expert in ingredients but I saw a few things that caught my eye. Glycolic acid to help lighten dark spots via exfoliating the dead skin cells.  This super sunscreen contains plant oils such as  olive, evening primrose,  and echium oil (which boasts of omega 3,6, &9).  Not to mention vitamins C + E which load your skin with antioxidants and black rice extract which is also rich in antioxidants. I also appreciate that it contains glycerine which I suspect will help provide a moisturizing quality to the formula.  My current line up of sunscreens are too drying for my taste. After reviewing all this sunscreen has to offer, I just don't get that excited about what I currently use.  I need something that compliments this new skin care regimen and helps take my skin to the next level.

I suspect it won't be long until I have this product sitting on my dresser.


  1. Thank you for posting this!

  2. I've been looking for a good sunscreen since the moisturizer I've been using doesn't have any. I'll definitely be trying this!

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  3. Has anyone tried this product? I am afraid that it has a fishy smell, as one reviewer wrote on
    Thanks ladies!

  4. Hi Sunflower,
    I haven't tried it yet. But I'll check it out on my upcoming trip to Sephora and let you know.


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