black|Up the luxury makeup brand for rich skin tones.

Although I don't always wear makeup on a daily basis, I have quite a large quantity.  While amassing my beauty collection, I have learned that in some instances, luxury brands do offer a greater payoff for the investment.

But when it came to makeup for women of color.  Our choices became a bit more limited. Sure, many companies are creating rich, deep shades for foundations and concealers, but rarely did you find an entire high end makeup line for the melanin endowed.

Then black|Up came along and changed everything.  Although, I'm just now learning of the brand, the company has been around since 1999.  They have absolutely everything you need in their lineup and multiple shades that fit a variety of skin tones.  One can just take a quick look at their polish selection and see how well their shades work on brown skin.  Have you seen anything so gorgeous?
The first thing I'm picking up from the brand is their dual ended contour stick.  A highlighter and contour stick in one is the only thing missing from my current collection.  And although I don't need another lip balm, their selection of colors is a bit too tempting.   Since they're based out of France, there aren't may US stores that carry the line.  Good thing they're working with Sephora to bring their offerings to America.  You can also order directly from the black| Up website but I like to rack up the beauty points with Sephora for free goodies later.

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  1. I was so excited to see that Black Up is now in Sephora online and in their stores. So far the closes Sephora to me with it in stock is in Orlando, FL. I'm live in Tampa Bay though. None the less they are readily available here in the USA. As you mentioned there are many cosmetics companies that offer WOC shades but then lack including us in their advertisement. I definitely plan on supporting this company. They have a selection of gorgeous shadows and lippies. Great post. Blessings! :o)


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