Style Obsession | The Structured Blazer Coat

Until recently, I was certain that I amassed a completed collection of outerwear and was pretty much set for fall.  Then I realized that much of what I procured last year is best worn with casual looks.   There weren't any pieces that would work well for a night out or that could stand out in a more formal environment.

Then a spark of inspiration came across my Pinterest dash in the form of a full length, structured blazer.  Immediately a felt a huge void that could only be filled with the perfect long blazer.

The for past couple of seasons, the flowy, duster coat has been all the rage.  Part of their appeal is how well it they pair with casual pieces.  But what about the times when you want to look more put together, a little more polished?

A blazer coat is just what the style doctor ordered.  What also I love about this look is the all black, sleek silhouette (and don't get me started on the statement clutch).  In doing so, she allows the camel coat to take center stage. This ensemble is giving me major heart eyes.  I will not rest until I happen upon a structured coat as flawless as this one.

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  1. I love this site....

    They have custom made coats similar to the blazer coat. Check it out!


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