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We've discussed one of Adriana Lima beauty tips in a past post.  If you recall, she was one of the all stars who indulged in a gallon of water a day as part of her beauty and health regimen.  Drinking adequate amounts of water is life transforming.  A lot of you even shared your success stories when we completed the "Drink Your Water Challenge" a while back.
Post workout selfie
Today, we learn about yet another action she takes to keep her skin at super model status. Growing up in Brazil, the mighty coconut has always been a part of her life and culture.  As one would expect, Adriana hydrates herself by drinking ample amounts of coconut water, but it's what else she does with the coconut water that is most interesting.

In order to experience the beauty benefits of coconut water to the fullest, Adriana adds some iced coconut water to a cotton pad and wears it as a face mask for five minutes as a way to "hydrate her skin."

Adrina and supermodel friend wearing hydrating face and eye sheet masks
Does this technique sound familiar to any of you?  Sure it does.  Her coconut water cotton mask is reminiscent of the Korean sheet masks that we've already talked about.  Coconut water is all natural and chock full of nutrition.  Add to that the antibacterial and inflammatory properties of fresh coconut water.  Not to mention the slightly acidic pH which our skin loves.  No wonder why some of the higher end facial spays on the market like Josie Maran's Facial Mist incorporate coconut water in their formula because of it's superior hydrating qualities.

I've been experimenting by adding a little (sugar free) coconut water to my home made facial spray.  Not only do I enjoy the experience but I feel confident knowing that my skin is being nourished, not just hydrated.  Many of you already have some coconut oil in the fridge, why not try this beauty secret and see if your skin loves it!


  1. When you earlier mentioned an ingredient you would talk about later in your facial mist, coconut water immediately came to my mind. I already use it as a toner on a cotton ball sometimes, then recently encountered one that came with live culture (think probiotics). Knowing how much you raved about probiotics in skin care, I used that one (Tula's cocokefir) as a toner for a week now. And oh the glow!!!!! Seems to be fading post acne scars /hyperpigmentation too.

  2. lhuchi! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I'm checking out the CocoKefir and I'm beyond intrigued. I have got to try it!

  3. Nothing beats raw, organic and natural when it comes to nourishing our skin. Love it. Got to try this at home myself.


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