[Monday Motivation] Create Your New Normal

Sometimes I feel like there's an invisible barrier between where I am and where I want to be.  It seems like, no matter how hard I want it, my reality is just out of my reach.  The vision I have of my life doesn't really match up with what currently exists.

As we head towards a new year,  I realize that to truly enjoy a real shift in reality, we must master the art of creating our new normal. Fundamentally, when we aren't experiencing our desires it's because we see ourselves as separate from it.  For us, this new outcome doesn't fit into our current reality.  Although we say we want it, we don't really believe we can experience it.  This only causes us to feel even farther away from our end goal.

 Think about the person who is born into a wealthy family.  The abundance mindset is pretty normal to them.  Their minds are convinced that they too can build a successful business..and many do.  Someone raised in an environment with less to go around will see themselves as separate from the life of abundance.  It's just not part of their normal life.

If you really want to experience something new in your life, you have to create your new normal. This requires both mental and physical work.  Most of the mental work revolves around believing that it's possible.   This must be done first because it requires consistent effort.  The bigger your goal, the more work it will require.  Essentially, you're convincing your mind to release resistance to your goal.  Entertaining a big intention is like receiving an organ transplant.  It recognizes the organ as foreign and immediately tries to reject it.  That's what our mind does.  We can't allow that to happen. Which is why we have to work on accepting this new reality. Visualizing is one powerful method to build belief.

Next, we have to alter our current reality.  You can do this in multiple ways.  Keep in mind that some ways are more powerful than others.  A few years back, vision boards were super popular.  They served as a reality creation tool.  If you looked at images of what you want, you could "attract them" into your life.  Some vision boards resulted in powerful manifestations, others didn't.  I think it depended on how the vision board user utilizes the board.

For instance, John Assaraf, appeared in the movie The Secret sharing his account of how he actually purchased the exact same mansion that was on the vision board he created years earlier.   What he didn't mention in the movie was that he started his career as a successful realtor.  As a teen, John was headed down a dead end path when he came across a mentor that gave him an opportunity.  John, who was totally inexperienced, worked like crazy to gain clients by making over 100 calls a day, by 11:00, am to potential prospects.

John was raised by parents who held typical jobs.  His default path in life was not going to lead to buying a six-acre mansion in California.  He created this reality.  The vision board served as a visual representation of what his new life would look like.  His relentless daily action helped to bring in new results.  John did the internal work and he hustled hard to create his new normal.

As you do the physical work required to create your new normal, make sure to assess the effectiveness of your action.  Example, I'd love to purchase a new (much nicer) home.  One of my belief building actions is to make some upgrades to this house so I can create the feelings of being in a nice environment.  At first, I categorized this as powerful physical action.  Although upgrading my environment is a physical act, it's really another version of a glorified vision board. A more powerful alternative would be to take massive action in my business (the way the John did).  Thanks to his aggressive action, John was able to earn over six figures in his first year.

Both mental and physical actions are good (and necessary).  But sometimes we invest a little more time & focus on the mental stuff because it's easier.  Mental actions also fall within our comfort zone.  John visualized every morning......but he also made 100 calls to potential prospects every day.

Suddenly, years later, he's living in his dream home.  This was a natural outcome of  perfecting his creation process.

Check out this video as John talks about his infamous vision board.  Take note of how basic it looks.  Some of us spend more time putting together a collage of nice images than we do in engaging in powerful action.  Let his board serve as a reminder of where we should be investing our time.

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