[Sweat the Technique] Add this step when applying Mascara for Ultra Dramatic Lashes

The other day, while organizing my makeup collection, I noticed one item that had gone missing.  The item in question is a lash primer that came with a mascara purchase.  I realized that I rarely used the primer.  But, it could be one missing step that takes my mascara routine to the next level.

Instead of wasting too much time searching, I browsed online for a DIY lash primer.  Moments later, my question was answered.  More than anything, I wanted to create the "fiberlash" effect that seems to dramatically increase the length of our lashes within seconds.
The do-it-yourself version was the answer, and it is super-duper easy to do.

All you really need is your favorite mascara and a powder.  Pretty much any dry powder will do.

First you prep by curling your lashes.  If you want to create an extra bit of drama, heat the eyelash curler for a few seconds with your hair dryer (test the temp of the curler on the back of your hand before applying to eyes).

Once curled, apply one coat of mascara.  This moistens them which allows the powder to stick.  You can use baby powder, loose facial powder, whatever.  I've tested this with multiple powders and, for me, activated charcoal  came out on top.  The ebony powder seems to add a slightly darker hue to my lashes.  Although it's pretty easy to cover up white powder with your mascara, with activated charcoal, there's no white powder to worry about.

The end result is lengthened, more dramatic lashes. Who needs to waste hard earned money on falsies when you've got this budget friendly alternative that works beautifully?  It takes only a few seconds to do but the payoff is huge.

Check out this quick video demonstration and see the difference for yourself.

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  1. I'm SOOOO glad I was up late this morning reading. I tried it this morning, almost forgot, my mascara was almost dry. But it worked!!! I hated that younique stuff and I'm too scared to get falsies or extensions b/c my eyes are SUPER sensitive.


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